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I just got the May 2008 issue of "Bluegrass Unlimited" in the mail. It features a cover story on Rhonda Vincent!!
Ann Adams

Great news.  Can't wait for our May issue .

Ben Jammin'
You may want to let them know that the link they have with this picture

brings you to http://http://www.rhondavincent.com lol

Sharon McGraw

thanks...our web folks were able to get it fixed quickly and the new issue featuring Rhonda should be up on our site http://www.bluegrassmusic.com in a few days. Bluegrass Unlimited

Thanks for finding that Ben and thanks to Sharon for getting it fixed so quickly!
Mike Garlock

Mine finally arrived today!  I was hoping the U.S. Postal Service wouldn't let me down.  In NY you can't just go buy one off the Rack like you can in Nashville.  Someday I hope to change that here in Upstate NY.  There's a lot of head's stuck in the Sand around here.  We are enlightening hundreds more with each Bluegrass Show we have here.  Mike G.

Jim Hand

Yes, it is a GREAT article and I can't wait to hear more of Sally and Tensel's music.

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