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Dear Herby
Yep...it's football time!!!!!!

Tonight officially signals the opening of college football season. Men from across the nation are getting their recliners ready, beer, pretzels, and all the the nice little nik naks the wives are baking up. This also makes it official that Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Monday nights are off limits to any potential interruptions. All the "honey do's" are done, and we're now on vacation till the middle of February. The remote is in place. No more Seinfeld, 2 men and a boy, Royal Pains, or any of that garbage. Just good ole football.
I myself, have the remote set for Saturday, when Mizzou takes on the Fighting Illini in St. Louis!!!
So you're officially conceding the baseball season thanks to the Pirates????  
Ok one of you men has to explain this to me.....

Why do y'all prefer college football over professional football??  I don't think I've ever understood that.

Personally, I don't care for college football.  Way too many open field runs and lack of blocking.  Then again, the only professional team I watch is the Saints since that's what our family did together so I don't know a whole lot about football.

I prefer college football because it seems they are playing for the love and fun of the game.  My father-in-law and I watched a baseball game last week on ABC I think it was, and I can't remember if it was Little league or if it was highschool kids, Haiwaii vs. Japan, but they had so much fun playing; and you could see it that they were playing for the enjoyment of the game.  And, we enjoyed the game more over the pro game and for the same reason.  I'm not saying that the pros don't love it, but I bet they wouldn't be playing it if it didn't pay the salaries they get.  Should I duck now folks?

Looking forward to the baseball playoffs and World Series.     Football sorta.

Lots of fall/winter evenings spent drinking coffee and watching sports.    

Oh brother.....NOT football. 
 watched my first game of American football tonight...the Dallas Cowboys got home in the last minute.... don`t know the rules,but while i`m in Dallas can they be my team ?

Herb I love FOOTBALL also, however Seinfeld is GREAT! 

The Ol' Dawg

Amen, Brother - I know what you mean, Herb. Even though the Braves have had a great year so far, they OFFICIALLY went on the Dawg's "Back Burner" as of last night !!! How 'Bout Them Dawgs !!!

How about those OHIO STATE BUCKEYES???
Dear Herby

Go Mizzou!!!!!!
Bev, you're my kind of woman!

Dear Herby
Yes I know it's a little after 7 in the morning, but I wanted to get an early start on the opening of college football season. Had to get all my goodies ready. The recliner is in fine form. Cold Pepsi in the fridge. Tostitos, cookies, and cashews are ready. Sweet tea and peach pie are backing up the front liners.
I think that just about does it. Let the games begin!!!
The Loving Wife
Dear Herby...don't you miss me, and want to fly into Maine today and see your loving wife that misses you so much???  
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