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Red Shoe Auction for Mary
Rhonda is going to auction her favorite red shoes, with all the proceeds going to Dancin' Mary.  The Prez will post details here soon! 

Those shoes are beautiful!!

Does anyone know if we can submit an auction bid if we aren't there?  Like through eBay?  I don't know how all that would work out, but it could bring in more money.  I'll surely bid to help!
Hi Court......we're working out the details but it looks like the auction will take place either on the message board or at rhondavincent.com  Details to follow but you will be able to email your bid and we will keep the high bid posted as it changes.
Thanks for the info. Julia!  I'll be ready to do some biddin'
DON na'

What size are they?  ... Just wondering.

Somebody I know might like them. 

Rob Anderson

Hi, Julia!  Has Rhonda ever worn these shoes in any album photos? What is the "history" of these famous shoes?  This sure sounds like a good way to raise money for Mary!

Autograph or put initials on the insole area.    
The shoes are Size 7 1/2  from Nine West.  I found them on my birthday,  while shopping at the Green Hills Mall in Nashville with my girls. 

I'll be wearing them at the show that night; and at the shows coming up next week, when they match my outfit.   

The highest bidder can remove the red heels, if they're in attendance on August 6th.         All the proceeds will go directly to Dancin' Mary!

BTW, they're really comfortable!!!
butch turner

if its ok i will start the bid at $100.00 just tell Aaron to back off , Ms. Mary is my girlfriend  j/k lol

butch turner

but of course i am only a man so they are probly worth a whole lot more

Jim G
Oh Rhonda you know Jim would jump on this one! Today's his 60th birthday and he wants to bid $200.00, but although they will look good with his outfit I think he is really bidding to take them off. Ha Ha Mary

PS Thanks for offering the bidding item for Dancin Mary, I don't know her but hope to some day she is a part of the Rager family.
"GO JIM, GO JIM, wish I could be there when you take them off of her feet, lol.
If someone could get some photos of her wearing them at a concert, I`ll email some other people I know that are bluegrass fans.    I don`t know Mary but would try to help.

I think they might clash with my silver ones.

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