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I've finally been pushed over the edge after seeing Rhonda's "Mermaid Dress" in the magazine.  Give me a break.  Rhonda, you should take some lessons from Allison.  She doesn't need to wear dresses that show her cleavage or slits up the side of her dress to get noticed.  She's classy and has an incredible voice.  She could wear a burlap sack and I could watch and listen to her all day and not care what she's wearing.   Try putting more emphasis on your voice and talent and less on your cleavage. 

Don A

If you don't like what you see, then just close your eyes and listen.  There's no one more classy than Rhonda.  Allison who?  Or did you mean Alison?

Tom Alman
Jerri! Whenever we have a critique of Rhonda we usually contact her by email or another source. There is no need to come on this board and give her a hard time when she can't defend herself. Please give her Respect. If you feel you would like to come back with something constructive, please feel free!!!

Sweet Brenda
You need to get off this Board!!!!

 Rhonda, you should take some lessons from Allison.  She doesn't need to wear dresses that show her cleavage or slits up the side of her dress to get noticed. 

You must be referring to another Alison.
If you are talking about Alison Krauss...then you should eat those words.
Rhonda is as classy as classy gets. No one can even compare to her in beauty and personality .

Alison-Krauss-rr06.jpgAlison Krauss
You owe Rhonda an apology

After looking at these photos ....I think you owe Rhonda a BIG apology.

Katie A
Hey Hey, come on now post #1.  Rhonda is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, who has one of the most amazing voices I've ever heard!  There are plenty worse things in this world to complain about than what Rhonda is wearing.  Which I might add, I love Rhonda's sense of style.
Rhonda, way to go and keep up the great work kid!  

Tom Alman
That Alison is cute. But Rhonda is a STONE FOX!!!

Rhonda > Allison

Do whatever you want Rhonda.

Here we go again...........

Tom Alman
Thats OK Katie! We will persevere. We got our back Your Highness!!!

Mike Garlock
Hi All,

    At least he had the common sense to do the right thing and use his E-mail Address.  I'm sorry you feel that way Mr. Douglas.  Mike G.

Now that's funny!

and I don't see Rhonda going on tour with Robert Plant in the near future. lol

I love how this topic always flares up with Rhonda's photoshoots, but never anyone else's (Alison K, Shania Twain, Alecia Nugent, Sara Evans, ad nauseum).

Rhonda's gorgeous, folks - GET OVER IT!!!

Oh, well. As long as Hunter and Kenny don't wear low-cut dresses, all my bluegrass girls wear do whatever they like.

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Sherry A

I think all the ladies mentioned are class acts. Rhonda has a beautiful unique voice, great taste and a kindness toward her fans that goes above and beyond what I have seen from many other professionals. I just wish I could see one of her shows this year. It's on my to do list .

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