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The Ol' Dawg

Out the door,
In the pourin' rain -
After a little more
Than 6 months of "Rage-less" pain.

That all ends, as of today,
With an overdue visit to the Queen.
Time to hit the Cornbread Highway,
For a day like we ain't never seen.

Food for the taste
And food for the ears,
It can't go to waste -
So rest your fears.

Trackin' the scent
With a big ol' smile
The Dawg's done went -
See Y'all in a while !!!  


Mike Garlock
Have Fun Dawg',

    More than one Rager's been wonderin' where the "Flea Bitten Poet" has been a hiddin'...Mike G.
Tom Alman
Wish I could be there with you all!!!

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