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Charles Flanary
Who can i expect to see in Franklin?
Julia and Richard
Charlie K

Good Morning Charles, Whitey and I will be there.  can't wait to see everyone. I was sick last year, and stayed in the car almost the whole festival.
"Dear Herby" will be making an appearance on Thursday night and Friday, then his alter ego "Herby" will be there on Saturday.

Charles I will be the 1st person you see when you come in the gate. Won't that be nice to see my smiling face? I'm working as a volunteer to help WCE. I'm sure part of my duties will be trash detail. I'll be at the gate some, and of course cleaning the bathrooms. I'll have a sign up sheet for grounds clean-up. Should I put your name at the top Sir Charles?

All kidding aside, this should be a great festival. Kimberly has put together a wonderful line-up with top talent on both days. It won't get much better than this. The new location is much better than the old, with motels across the street, and a beautiful campground with a pool included.

I think I'll just get a room and stay all weekend!!!!

ooops, I forgot....

Oh! Herb, please look for the lady dressed in the beautiful blue shirt, and maybe I can get my husband to wear blue too if, he isn't still mad at you know who!! See you in Franklin, Ky. (can't wait)

Franklin sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun ........... but can't make it this year.  Maybe next.


Linda, I wouldn't wear Cubbie blue if I were you....They charge double for that, especially when I'm on the gate...

Speaking of "Losers", Herb, did you get that picture from Rhonda, that Whitey gave her to give to you????
 See you at Franklin, and can't wait. Oh!! will Charles the "security" man, be there in case, I can't get through the gate.
 Love you Dear Herbie, Linda
LOL Linda....No Rhonda forgot the picture, but she did tell me it was of Lorrie Morgan. I can't wait to see it.

And don't worry about getting in the gate. I'll see if I can round up another Cardinal shirt for you. Break out your red skirt, and the shirt will match!!!

You have to understand Linda. It's all Cardinal nation except for a small portion of land on the banks of Lake Michigan also known as Chicago.
Jim & Mary Goodman

Charles Mary & I will be at Franklin and we are bringing Sherry along with us. We should all have a great time. See ya there.

Hi Mary, Jim, and Sherry, can't wait to see you guys again, we will  be there Fri.  Can't remember what Motel we are staying in.


Mike B

  probably!  Had an AWESOME time last year!!!

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