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Charlie K

One month from today I'll be flying east to KC and then on to Sally Mountain to see the incomparable Rhonda Vincent, her awesome band and my fine Rager friends and I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!! I don't think it's too early to start this roll call. Anyone else going besides me?

Kim from MO

I'll be there too!

We'll be there for sure Charlie K!! Are you bringing any of the family? What day do you arrive? Jane and Jim
Charlie K

J,J&B: I fly into KC Tues PM, head for Kirksville and the Fan Club Party Wed AM. Looks like I'll be by myself but the final decision has not been made yet. The ones who want to come, can't, and the ones who can, don't want to.


I hope to be there !

Uncle Pen & Friend

Michael and I'll be there.   We should be arriving on Sunday, June 29th after a stop in Walnut Creek to see WCE & RVR

Joe & Lynn

We have plans to be there.

I can't be there this year.   :-(
Cal Gary
"The ones who want to come, can't, and the ones who can, don't want to."

Charlie, I think you've got yourself the start of a hit song there.  C U at Sally Mountain!
The Adams Family

 Don & Ann will be there (should arrive the weekend before), but Gomez, Morticia, Pugsley, Wednesday, Pubert, Uncle Fester, Grandmama, Thing, Lurch & Cousin Ittt can't make it this year. (They have some work to do on the mansion at 0001 Cemetery Lane)

Ron and Jean

See you there.

Harry and Nancy

We'll be there if we could afford the gas, lol


I'm still debating....but if Susan can make it, I'll do my best also.

Count me in!
Bec The Bead Lady
Well I will certainly make it this year!  Maybe we will even have a small wedding ceremony on the hill!

Hope to see you all real soon.

Debbie..... what do you mean you can't make it??? 


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