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Uncle Pen and Friend

We'd like to invite all the Ragers to our campsite on Thursday following Rhonda and the Rage afternoon show.  We will have dinner around 5:30.  Bring a beverage and a chair.   We look forward to seeing all our friends again.

We'll be there.  As will my brother Tom from Oklahoma. 

We'll bring something besides paperplates, as you said you have enough, lol.
UP Friend
And as promised I still have them safely tucked away in the cabinet in the RV.  

It's hot and the bugs are horrible.   Bring the bug spray --- by the case probably.  

Professor Ron
Thanks Amy for the heads up!  I plan to be there.

Watch out for Harry the Bug and his big bite!!!  We will need more than off
Mary C.

Amy, thanks for the invite and the info! Jim and I plan to be there. Always great getting together with Ragers.


IN case anyone is coming that hasn;t responded or might not have seen this....

Doug and Pat
Hi all Ragers.  Thanks for the Rager invite.  I ate  most all the cookies BUT (I know) I can get more.... at least I ate the ones from last year... 

Anything we can bring?  We have a bunch of fresh tomatoes I can pick just before we leave in the a.m.   I better pay attention this year and make sure I know what you unit looks like and maybe... even where you are situated.... 

Debbie & Brie
We'll see you there! 
Ann A

We are disappointed  that we are not able to make it again this year, it is always fun to get together with everyone.  Have a fun weekend!!!!
We'll be thinking of you, sitting in the great Gettysburg sun and listening to all that wonderful music.

Uncle Pen's Friend
I am going to do something I usually don't do.   I'm going to post the menu as it stands now.   You are welcome to bring anything to add, but it isn't necessary. 

Sausage in marinara sauce w/onions & pepper;  meatballs in BBQ sauce;  tossed salad (fresh tomatoes would be good in here --HINT); fresh fruit; potato chips.    I may have a few other surprises up my sleeve.   I'm trying to think of "cool" foods since it's been in the 90's......

This will be my last post.   I get off work in 1 hour and I'm heading to the campground ---  
Uncle Pen's Friend
OOPS - I was interupted by a phone call and forgot to post my last thought!!!

I miss my Canadian friends..... As the electrical problems passed from the Hughes to the Adams, they passed on to us as well.......

We will miss you guys tooo.   Tell Katie to go year around so she gets done faster!!!!!
Well....I'm sorry to say that the bathroom remodeling has ruled out the trip to Gettysburg   I've not missed a Gettysburg for years and this year I've missed both.  Oh well I guess I need to be SURE I make it to both in 2010!!

Everyone have a great time, I'll miss you all.

On the bright side, I am going to be able to sneak out of the house long enough tomorrow to go to the show in Knoxville, and if they get done by Thursday like they are supposed to, we may try to hit Cherokee on the way to Dublin.
Uncle Penn's Daughter

Low kat shun 117 behind the stage by the creek.

Savannah P

AWESOME!! A CREEK!!!! wish i could be there!

Doug and Pat
More than glad to bring fresh tomatoes.  Will pick in the a.m. before we leave.  Only 30 miles away so they should be good.  The only thing we have this year is tomatoes THANK goodness for them.  I can bring enough for Rhonda to take some on the bus with her if she wants.
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