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I head a little after school orchestra two days a week at Regents Academy (a tiny private school) in Nacogdoches, TX.  Yesterday a one of the childs' parents got into a fight and the husband (dad) shot his wife (mom) to death in front of the children with a shot gun.  The school was closed for the rest of the week. 
Please pray for all the children of Regents Academy and their parents.  They really will need it right now and for months/years ahead. 
the investigation began immediatly, but no one has been charged.
The children whose mother was murdered are staying with one of the other family's (actually at the music teachers house).
None of the children were hurt, physically, thank GOD.  All I know was that it was NOT one of my orchestra kids parents. 

Please pray.

Thank you.
Hi Lacie!
I am Praying for these People. I first heard about it on TV.
Do You live in the Nacogdoches area?  I have a Nephew
that is an RN at the hospital in Nacogdoches.
I live in Tyler.

I will add all of those folks especially those poor children to my prayers. I have a sister near Alpine, Tx, who told me about this tragic event.


This is so awful!  It really makes me think about the kinds of crazy things that goes through peoples' minds...this is just so sad.  I will certainly keep all of y'all in my thoughts and prayers.

    The last movie I watched was - "Marly and Me". Talk about a tear jerker, I cried my eyes out. If U go to see it be sure and take a box of kleenex.
    Ginny Gibson

I live in Tyler too--I go to school at SFA!  Weird! 

My prayers are with all of the family and friends.
John S
Our pastor used a similar example in yesterday morning's sermon and I swan, it simply amazes me how cold and cruel human beings can be one to another ... and the adults have no concern for the children who are witnesses.
I pray these children can somehow overcome what they have seen.

Thank you for all the prayers.  I will keep ya'll updated.

Hello Again Lacie!!!
I just read your post that you live in Tyler also.
That Is Great! Welcome to the Rose Capital of Texas!
I have been living in Tyler a long time. I love it here!

Prayers going out to all affected by this tragedy.

They made an arrest, finally!  They caught the husband heading to Mexico.
The two children are 10 and 3 years old.
I have lived here for 17 years! 
It's Great to have You as a Rager
and Tyler Friend!!
Rhonda is Fantastic!!!
Its a very small world!  Rhonda is amazing!

Even though Nacogdoches thinks they are the Rose Capital of the world, we know better!

No matter how long I've lived here, I can't wait to get out and live elsewhere!  Too many allergies here--pine tree are evil!
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