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Connie Leigh
How many of you saw the Diane Sawyer special about eastern Kentucky?
I did, and I feel the media has stereotyped the whole region once more based on a just a few.  Eastern Kentucky is portrayed as only ignorant, uneducated, pill popping hillbillies, and though I know many of that type, I know many more of a different kind.
I know medical professionals, teachers, musicians, and very hard working, knowledgeable people who make up the majority of the area that I originate from.
In case you did not see  the show, here is a link. 
Eastern Kentucky is a beautiful place, and though I was raised at the head of a holler, it certainly looked nothing like the places that the media focused in on.  Why, if they are going to talk about places like eastern Kentucky, do they not show the whole picture, and show the beauty along with what is not so pretty.
In case you haven't caught on, I am kind of angry of this portrayal of my roots....
Connie the dang hillbilly


they never would  have covered it if it was knowledgeable people who make up the majority of the area that you originate from.  Thats NEWS!

Hi Connie Leigh, how`s them thar cuzzins of your`s...Ellie May & Jethro doin ?shucks, i ain`t heard much of em lately. 
Gary Kennedy

Connie, I stopped paying attention to the corporate media years ago.  They usually try to reduce everything to the least common denominator.  I don't blame you for being mad, but I wouldn't waste the energy if I were you.  Just keep on writing great songs and that will be your best revenge. 

Mike Garlock
Hi Connie,

    The Intro was pretty honest.  We know that everybody from Kentucky isn't the same.  Just Like everybody from New York doesn't live in New York City...Right...Right Connie everybody from NY "Don't Act" like the Soprano's do they?  Mike G.
The Darling Family
We, along with the movie "Deliverance",  "Oh Brother", have not helped the  image of bluegrass. 

The general public think "Dueling Banjos", squealin' like a pig, no toofers, bare foots, overalls, and a jug is the perfect example of bluegrass. 

I remember Bill Monroe, Jimmy Martin, Jim & Jesse, and Flatt & Scruggs, dressing like gentlemen.  

Unfortunately, there is power in television. Luckily, we have the internet these days to upstage the TV bureaucracy. 

As another Eastern Kentucky girl I know that it's frustrating how we are portrayed in the media, but there are some good things about the people being isolated. The integrity of acoustic/mountain music is one of them!   I'm proud to be from Kentucky and it doesn't even really make me mad because I do know some brilliant people from Eastern Kentucky (including one successful song-writer!!) and I know it's just ignorance! As Mike G. said, not everyone from New York lives in the city or acts like Tony Soprano. Sometimes I just laugh to myself when people make hillbilly jokes--they're not worth the effort!
As long as we know that it's just a way for the media to sell their little stories, and our true friends know our work ethic and mountain generosity, the Diane Sawyers of the world are just SAD!
Hillbillies UNITE! LOL

Connie, I didn't watch the show because I was watching Tru TV.  Had a story on there about my late aunt's house in Dungannon, VA being haunted etc.  Silly stuff but I had to watch since it was about family!

No need to get mad, although I don't like it either the way they portray us mountain people.  They find the worst shacks they can and people of little education.  We who are from the mountains, and I come from over the mountain in Scott Co, VA, know most of the people are very literate and many educated.  Although we grew up poor too, all three of us kids got Master's degrees and beyond and worked as professionals.  They don't want to talk about us.  I had a professor at Morehead State in sociology class tell me "yes, but you're not really one of THEM."  That really made me angry--just because I was in college...My ancestors on both sides were in VA before it was even a state, and most were ministers and teachers.  For him to say "You're not really one of them" was so wrong of him.

My husband is from Floyd County, KY.  Very smart family who grew up in a "holler."  They won't show all the mansions all over Floyd and Pike Counties.  I'm so proud of the mountain people and all they have accomplished--I just can't even state it.  Most are genuine, kind and gentle people.  You will find the druggies and meth cooks in any state, in most towns...sadly.

Diane Sawyer lived in Louisville, which is a world away from the mountain people.  I certainly would never listen to her as an expert on mountain people and their lives.  And you are so right...we can be very proud of our music and those who have kept it pure and so right.  My grandfather was a second cousin to Mother Maybelle Addington Carter and I'm so proud of that.  Wonderful people.

Well, I could go on and on about this.  We know the truth so no need to get upset about ABC showing the worst about our mountains.  Not the first time and won't be the last. 

Carol in Morehead

EKU Class of 78

I remember how angry Ralph Stanley was at how the Coens used "O Death" in their movie - as a song for a Ku Klux Klan leader. Well, he damn well should have been.

The folks I've met from Kentucky - the musicians, storytellers, shopkeepers, store and restaurant owners - have been warm, smart, funny and extremely proud of their traditions and upbringing.  They have a lot to be proud of. They should be - Kentucky is one of the most beautiful states in the U.S.

Most of the Southerners I know would never judge anyone the way the media judges them. That's something you just don't do because it isn't Christian, and damn it, it's not polite.

All pundits should do likewise.

This may be an odd expression to explain the media's attitude:
"She'd step over a dollar to pick up a dime".

Sawyer had to completely ignore the obvious-prosperity,decency,happiness- to "find" the depravity which she wanted to so nobly expose.

On a lighter note: the 'tooth'brush was invented in Kentucky.

Take care...Greg
All right, Greg! I am sooooooooooo using that toothbrush fact in my next hillbilly debate! 
Actually stole that from "Reader's Digest" January 2009: Jokes for 50 States

Some more :Arkansas- An Arkansa state trooper pulls over a pickup truck on I-40 He says to the driver,"Got any ID? The driver asks,"'Bout what?"

Mississippi: How do you know when you're staying in a Mississippi hotel?
When you call the front desk and say,"I gotta leak in my sink", and the guy at the front desk says, "Go ahead".

Jay Leno had something on last night.  He reads different newspaper articles and such on Mondays. 

A bank was robbed somewhere in Arkansas and the robber was described with a full set of teeth.
I actually found the article

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