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 Hey, it's only 20 days until the 1st Annual Brantling Bluegrass Festival in Sodus, NY.  http://www.brantling.com/html/bluegrass.html 

It's going to be a great time.  

Who all is going?


Jim & Mary

Goodmans - Where are Adams staying? I can't get the lodging button to give me any options. Mike any suggestions?


Maybe you could stay in Mike's poolhouse?

Mike Garlock
    There are many B & B's in Sodus Point area.  There is a big Sodus Point Reunion on Saturday and alot of the Room's are gone.  Sunday and Monday are all open for Rooms everywhere.
    The Quality Inn in Newark, NY is about 8 miles South of the Festival and they are sold out for Saturday Night, but they have Rooms for Sunday, Monday, etc...

    They have given us a Special Room Rate of $85.00 for those Nights just ask for the Special Bluegrass Rate.  They also have a nice Indoor Pool!

               Call 315-331-1344


Please give me a call and I can discuss options with you.
315-483-6570 (O)
315-483-8480 (H)
585-415-9641 (C)

I'll be there.

I'll be sleeping at the dock at the bay, watching the tide roll away.

Then I'll wash my clothes in muddy water...I washed them there, but they didn't come clean. Tried to do what my wifey told me. Cause I washed my dirty clothes in a muddy stream.

I'll be eating in "Strawberry fields forever"

Listening to bluegrass music " 'neath a neon moon"

If all else fails, I'll be like GLK and pitch a tent near the onion field, and rough it for a day. But I'll be there.

458 hours until the start of the 1st Annual Brantling Bluegrass Festival in Sodus, NY.

18 days until the start of the



in Sodus, NY.


Mary C. and Jim

Jim and I are looking forward to the Sodus show!


Mary C, are you bringing any s'more home made cookies?

Mmmmmmmm .... I can hardly wait. 

Shhhhhhh .............


Don, no apples left??  Don't tell me you ate both of them aleady, lol.

Been away for a few days, and just realized, it's now only 14 days until the 1st Annual Brantling Bluegrass Festival in Sodus, NY.
Harry the apples are long gone!

It won't be long now!  Looking forward to seeing everyone at Sodus!!


Don, make sure Ann brings enough coffee cups so she can make us all cakes.


 13 days & counting.  Look out Sodus ... it will never be the same. 
Harry, I'll pass the message on, about making the cakes for everyone.  I'll throw in lots of extra cups.

See everyone soon!!!!!!!!!!


Mike Garlock
Hi Everyone,

    We almost have the Stage done...I hope to finish it tomorrow!  Mike G.
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