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Donald Bailey

happy birthday Rhonda i hope you have a great one


HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!! Hope you have a very special day.

Carol Cox
Carol & John
Mary C. & Jim
Happy Birthday Rhonda!!! Hope you have a great day and week!
Gary Kennedy
Happy Birthday

Have fun in Europe!!!
Guy and Grace
     Happy Birthday RHONDA !! 

     Rhonda what a great show at Stuart VA.  You and Herb are very lucky  to have daughters like Sally an Tinsel.  There new CD is Great.      

     Late Friday I told your bus driver I would look after the Rage.  I never found them.  Hope they found the bus OK.

      See You and the Rage down the road somewhere.  (I hope sooner but it may be Dumpling Vally before we see you all again).   HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND I KNOW HOW OLD YOUR ARE BECAUSE  YOU WERE BORN THE SAME YEAR AS MY DAUGHTER ROBYN.       
Otello den Hartog
Congrats Rhonda! may there be years and years to come to celebrate that
Carl & Darlene

Rhonda, we wish you a very 'Happy Birthday' from South Carolina!   Looking forward to seeing you in Charleston Labor Day weekend. 

Mr. Zoom
Oh drat, I'm late for the party.

Well here are some belated ...

wheelies for the birthday girl!

Hope you had a great birthday, Rhonda!

Edward from WV


 Happy Birthday Rhonda!!!!  Hope you get another swirly [don't know about the spelling] but you know what I mean.  If you ever get too many, let me know.  Hah 

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