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Hello there:

This is my first post to this message board. While searching for some Breton tunes I came accross a song that by its' title would seem ideal.
Rond de Saint-Vincent it is the type of tune that migrated to Cape Breton in Nova Scotia and then to Louisiana with the Acadians. Here is a link to the score and a midi file: http://tonyupton.tripod.com/brittany.html
I recorded a Connie Smith song.  Of course, in the end, we never know what will ultimately make the album.

Thanks for sending your suggestions.

After our weekend break, I will hope to begin a recording journal; complete with photos and launch a studio web cam for our next session.

Ben Hughes....let me know if you will be in Nashville, in the coming week,
 to host a LIVE studio web cast!!!
Hay lady .... i like much hear some songs that i like ... i would like what if you are interested .....Patty loveless (lonely too long)(her i am)..tanya tucker (two sparows in a huricane)..terri clark (if i were you) ..the judds (grandpa)....dolly parton (time for me to fly) (old flames) (don't let me cross over)......thank you for you....i you much Salvation......http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=Z961Pl2IoVI
Dean Anoia

Rhonda how about "By The Touch Of Her Hand" The Carter Family. A true sweet love song!

Pamela(Irish Fan)
Great to hear that you've recorded a Connie Smith song!
I'm sure it sounds amazing,hopefully it will make it to the album...

Pamela xxx
We're sure thinking the same YOU.....

Mickey was playing "Grandpa" backstage on the guitar last weekend, so I started singing it.

What a great song!

justin proffitt

Beneath still waters

Today I stumbled across a live recording I have of the late Keith Whitley because a friend of me made me remember that concert, recorded just weeks before he died during a tour he made through Europe.
Keith knew a good song when he heard it. Rarely he performed with this song, (lyrics below) but in Netherlands he did. I had goosebumps allover, after all these years I still remember that.
Penned by THE greatest storytellers of them all: Tom T. Hall. and recorded on his album "The Rhymer and Other Five and Dimers"

This song invites for close harmonies and lord knows that I would like to hear that from you ragers

"I Flew Over Our House Last Night"

That old Kentucky moon was shinin' bright as day
The stars were twinklin' in the milky way
The pilot said "If you look close, there's Frankfort on the right"
I flew over our house last night

Thirty thousand feet below me, you were fast asleep
And thirty thousand feet above I almost stopped to weep
So close and yet so far away, so wrong and yet so right

I flew over our house last night

For just one second I thought I was back in town
The man your friends all say has only brought you down
The airline hostess asked me sir "Are you sure that you're alright"

I flew over our house last night

Thirty thousand feet below me, you were fast asleep
And thirty thousand feet above I almost stopped to weep
I wondered did you toss n' turn as I roared out of sight
I flew over our house last night

Sleepless in Virginia
Out of Control Raging Fire . . . written by Melba Montgomery, Dawn Sears & Kostas.
Previously recorded by Patty Loveless w/Travis Tritt, & Tracy Byrd

Do I Ever Cross Your Mind . . . written by Dolly Parton
Recorded on the Trio II Album, with Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, & Linda Ronstadt.

Salvation lady ... i like this song (like we never had a broken heart) it is Garth Brooks in Duet with Trisha Yearwood.... i would like many Listen this song with your voice in Duet with (Brad Paisley or Dierks Bentley or Joe Nichols or .........) will magnificent!!!....... i was fascinated by your Duet with Keith Urban...thanks thanks Rhonda.

lena smith
i would like you to do
the old cross roads,  ricky scaggs did this song
it is a song i love but no one hardly ever does
Rich Wood
Good Rhonda; have you ever done a pure Gospel album? If not , maybe it is time. Just a humble suggestion.
  Chorus medley; just sing the choruses of these songs in the order you choose; POWERFUL!!!!!!!   Album title: WALKING

              At The Cross
              I Have Decided To Follow Jesus
              I'll Fly Away
              Just Over In The Glory Land
              Everybody Will Be Happy Over There
              Oh I Want To See Him
              We Shall See The King
God bless you MIGHTILY!!!!!!!  # 7 is God's number of perfection!
Thank you for the song recommendations.

I haven't heard some of those.

I look forward to recording a gospel project someday.

John A. Meyers

I'd love to hear a studio version of "Last Best Place."

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