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It's time to start to work on the next Rounder recording project.

I thought it might be fun to hear some Ragin' ideas for songs.

And in addition to songs, a theme that would work around the songs.

So if you have a song to share, post it there!  

Here's a few I'm considering.....

in tribute to Connie Smith "Once A Day", and "Deepening Snow", and maybe in tribute to Emmy Lou  "Roses In The Snow".

I love Emmylou's Roses in the Snow album. A tribute to that would be fantastic.

Cotton Fields Back Home.


Mama don't allow no  music played around here.

These are just a few of my favorites along with the ever popular song I wrote  "She broke my heart, so I broke her....." well maybe not that one. We'll save that for the theme to my book.
Uncle Pen in PA
I always love some old time traditinal bluegrass.  I would suggest:
I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome;  Sugar Coated Love  or  Ole Slewfoot
Two gospel suggestions might be:
When the Roll is Called up Yonder  or Uncloudy Day
Thanks for asking for suggestions!!!!!
Uncle Pen in PA

I would also second Herby's suggestion for "Mama Don't 'low No Music 'Round Here"

scott and karen
a name for the project might be.... fans choice....or by request
scott and karen
for a song
how about crying time ... buck owens
i bet buck would love your verson
scott and karen

John S
I think the song "Something To Brag About" by George Jones and Tammy Wynette would be an awesome song for you  ... It all ready has a great groove and would translate to bluegrass with high honors
John S
PS ~ This could even be the title of a new CD
Kimberly Williams
Anything written by Blake Williams!!

Mrs. Blake Williams
Mike B

I don't have a clue about a theme, but I do know a song I would love to hear performed by RV&R.  "Calling You" by Hank Williams is a simple yet powerful song that has always been one of my favorites. 


"UNTIL I MET YOU"  a tribute to Judy Rodman

Don A
Here's one:

"I hated her apartment, so I knocked her flat"

or if you talk to GLK I'm sure he could provide you the lyrics to his great version of "Salty Dog Blues".  It ROCKS!
John S (Again)
One of my all time favorite songs is Mama's Angels. The first time I heard this song done live, it literally brought me to tears and to this day still gives me the goose bumps. Perhaps this should be on the new CD, with an extended ending/chorus?
While walking this morning, that song kept running through my mind over and over ... an awesome song, and wonderfully done by Da Queen
Charlie K
I've always thought "Mama's Opry" by Iris Dement would sound better if you were singing it than when Iris sings it. Iris has a few other good songs like Our Town and Childhood Memories but her voice is a little unusual and not appealing to alot of people. You could do her material so much better.
I have an even better idea but I need to do a little research before I make the suggestion.
harley johnson
Hi Rhonda,
I think you wound do a great job on redwood hills you never hear any one do that song any more.
Hi Rhonda, A gospel song I love dearly and would love to hear you sing is
''Scars In The Hands Of Jesus''...this song always brings tears to my eyes.
I would also love to hear you sing Kitty Well's  ''Making Believe''.
I haven't heard anyone else sing this one ...and your beautiful voice would bring it back to life.
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