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The Ol' Dawg

OOOOOOOOOPS !!! I forgot that classic "cheatin' song" - "The Dark End Of The Street" !!!

Don Mclean
Hello Rhonda,all the best with the project, i`m sure that anything you do choose to sing, will be something special.
If your`e looking for a slower, oldie, I reckon you guys would do an awesome job of the old, haunting, Woody Guthry song, " Hobo`s Lullaby " .... sung, same tempo as Arlo Guthrie`s version.
Good luck


What about the song, Rank Stranger?


"Sinner Man" by The Seekers.

Oh!  Rhonda, I love your possibility of Connie Smith's songs.  Especially Deepening Snow. 

A tribute to some of the women legends would be super.  But perhaps some songs that weren't huge hits.  I don't think we need another version of "Coal Miner's Daughter, for instance, but Loretta's hand-penned song "This Stranger, My Little Girl" was such a wonderful song for mothers of daughters.  I never heard it anywhere else, except when I played it off her LP.

And of course another Dolly song would be terrific.  My favorite of hers is her autobiographical "Wildflowers".  A song about one so gifted that she had to "uproot herself" and go wherever the wind took her.  You could say the same about yourself, Rhonda.  I don't see how you do it....travel so much and always present a terrific show, while looking great.

I'll be at Mandolin Farm today to see that great show....gotta get moving to Flemingsburg soon.  Gonna be a hot one around here today.  Wear your tank top!   Can't wait!

Carol in Morehead, KY
Hello Rhonda!!
I'd love to hear You sing Merle Haggard's ''Today I Started
Loving You Again'' and his song ''Somewhere Between''
that Bonnie Owens recorded. Suzy Bogguss recorded it also.
Then Patsy Cline's ''I Fall To Pieces'' and a
Gospel song she recorded ''Life's Railway To Heaven''.
Of course, anything You record by Connie Smith
will be Great.  Anything You record will be Fan-tastic!!
How about "The Wreck on the Highway (I didn't hear nobody pray)" by Roy Acuff.   

The "Duets" theme is being done by George Jones - I read in "Country Weekly", so, maybe save that suggestion for later. 

There are so many great bluegrass songs (new and old), it is hard to choose.

Gospel: "Brethren, We Have Met to Worship" would be a good one. That is a song in the old Broadman Hymnal and hardly anyone sings it any more in services.  Also, "I'll Meet You in the Morning" - my late Grandmother's favorite song - would be a good harmony choice.

Rhonda, you do such a great job, it is hard to make very many suggestions.
Carol Cox

Rhonda, John and I would love it if you recorded "Deepening Snow" !! That is his absolute favorite!!  Every time he has ever heard you sing that song it brings tears to his eyes.  He said he would have an especially big hug for you if you included it on your new CD.  We also like the idea of Emmy Lou's "Roses in the Snow".  Can't wait for it to come out, whatever you decide on.

Gary Kennedy
RHONDA, I would like to second Sassy's suggestion of "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels".  As most of you already know, that song was a response to Hank Thompson's "Wild Side of Life".  So maybe "The War Between the Sexes" could be the theme for this entire project.  It would be the perfect companion to Dear Herby's forthcoming book.  The two of you could do the talk show circuit together, promoting the CD and the book simultaneously.

I can see it now.  After both of you are interviewed by Letterman, CBS goes to a split screen so that the televsion audience can see Herby looking on approvingly while the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT sings "Stand By Your Man"....... but then she and the amazing Men of Rage suddenly break into a blistering bluegrass version of "I Am Woman".

Glad that I could help out.

Oh, by the way, Don Eh, it just so happens that I do know "Salty Dog Blues", but that's not a tune that I would ever sing in polite company.

P.S.  Can't wait to see Dear Herby promoting his book on "The View".

Tom Alman
I always get into trouble when I suggest songs, but here is one that I have always loved. Grandfathers clock sung by Jim and Jesse!!!

Tom Alman
Here is another idea Rhonda. How mabout the album being titled something old and something new. That may be already taken but something along that line!!!

Tom Alman
How about. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something Bluegrass!!!

Tom Alman
Or how about Rhonda and the Rage PICK the Rager classics. Alright I'll stop now before I get the hook!!!

The Ol' Dawg

Since the Ol' Dawg seems to be in the Honky-Tonk Country mode here lately, I might as well "far(fire) off" a couple of more. "Smoky Mountain Memories" or, maybe "Borrowed Angel" by the late, great Mel Street. And, of course, how can you NOT consider sumpthin' by "The Storyteller", Tom T. Hall. Believe I would go with "That's How I Got To Memphis" - Seems like it would REALLY fit the Queen's vocal style. Incidentally, if you want to hear how that one is SUPPOSED to sound, look up the version by Deryl Dodd - Hardcore Country at its FINEST !!! Enough of this fun and frivolity - Got Tenn-o-ssee and UCLA football on the tube in a couple of hours, and some of that good ol' Kentucky Fried Chicken to "chow down" on while I watch !!! Did I mention that "LIFE IS GOOD" ??? 

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