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Tom Alman
You got that right Mike. Life is good in Ragerland!!!

Mike B

After hearing Rhonda, Sally and Tensel sing together during the finale at the Jamboree, I thought of another song.  The three of you could do a killer rendition of Tammy Wynette's "Apartment #9".  Y'all are INCREDIBLE together!

Kim from MO

Every album you make is better than the one before, how you do that is magical!  Just when I think it can't get any better, you make it better.  Anything that you do would be wonderful, in my humble opinion.  I love the duet suggestion, would love to see you sing with Vince Gill and Brad Paisley, I love both of them.  As far as songs go, there are so many great suggestions out there already.  I'm kind of partial to "an old fashioned bluegrass gospel album" sort of like Sunday morning at Sally Mountain.  I believe gospel was mentioned early in this thread.  Whatever you decide to do will be wonderful.

Kim from MO
Sherry McCoy A
Hi All,

I think it would be wonderful to hear Rhonda sing "Rosewood Casket". I hope I spelled that right. I love that old song. There is a song..the words are something like..Its me Oh Lord, standing in the need of prayer...not my mother....Something like that..It is a simple song but I love it...beautiful meaning..I like the old stuff...and the new.  Have a blessed week.


Amanda Lynn

I forget what the song is called, but there's a song I heard you sing twice with Bradley Walker, once at Gettysburg last year (I think?) and also at Graves Mountain. I wanna say it's a Conway/Loretta song? I could be terribly wrong on that one but I know that I love how you two do that one. Also, I love a lot of Kathy Kallick's songs, she's one of my favorite songwriters and you could tear one of her songs up.


I'd love to hear you sing "My Favorite Memory" by the Osborne Bros. or Always Wanting You by Merle Haggard or maybe Coat of Many Colors, Dolly of course.

Hey Rhonda,

I love ya!Your amazing.....

I can't really think of a song but I would absolutely LOVE if you did a duet with Brad Paisley! Both of your voices would sound so amazing together.And Brad always includes a Bluegrass style song into his albums.Maybe duet on a gospel song?

But either way I'm just delighted that you have begun work on the next album already,yay!!!
Robert Hall
Just thought of another great song written by
Hugh Prestwood,titled "Half The Moon"...
I first heard it by Stephanie Bentley, on her "Hope Chest" CD..

I bet Rhonda could nail this one as well!..might not be "Bluegrass" per se',(as are most of the songs I've suggested)but they could be, with a little "tweaking"!..

Hope all the Ragers are doing OK...Courtney?..Louise?..Tom?..no news is good news,hopefully..


Would love to hear Rhonda do ........ You're looking at country......


Were you ever, or are you still, a Gordon Lightfoot fan? 

Two of the songs from his album Summer Side of Life - "Redwood Hill" and "Go My Way"  - would be excellent choices for you and the guys.

There are ample spaces for mandolin, fiddle and banjo spots in there. It also has an ecological theme, which is always timely. You might have to alter the key for singing, though.

Come to that, "Ribbon of Darkness" and "Early Morning Rain" would be nice acoustic tunes to tackle.

I'v been re-visiting Lightfoot lately - I was a huge fan of his 70's stuff - and I;m finding that the songs really hold up. You might think so, too.

Dean the Boston Boy
The Ol' Dawg
  I'd love to hear you sing "My Favorite Memory" by the Osborne Bros.

If we're gonna be bringin' up the Osbornes, we might as well throw "Georgia Pineywoods" into the mix !!!

I think you could do a great version of the song    Please Come To Boston   that would be neat

Michael Anneken
I hear people complain about the price of gasoline quite often. Hence this song.

Liesl @ the Diesel

(sung to the tune of “I am 16...”, with apologies to Oscar Hammerstein II)

I need 16, 17 gallons,

Hoping I have enough.

People like me who like to hug trees are

Now paying twice as much.

Totally unprepared am I

To pay that price today

Timidly though I pull right in

And max my card this way

I need a car that'll

Get me where I go

I think that yours will do.

You have a car that's handsome and manly

Let me ride with you.

(Rolfe's Reply)

I have 70, 80 gallons,

You know the car I drive

With every fill it

Hits me where I sit

What matters though's the size.

Totally unprepared are you

To fill my tank today

Thankfully though I know a way

To have the others pay

I have a car that's

Bigger and better

So, baby, climb on in.

I'll rev up this Hummer over the Summer

And work for the Exxon man.

Michael Anneken

(No copywrite. Copywrites cause indigestion, flatulence and obesity)

Gene Johnson
Well, It's been hot, ain't it?
       How about a BRAND NEW song by Val & Gene Johnson
                 High Pressure Ridge
..."Dry winds blowing across these hills,
wish I had a mailbox that wouldn't take bills,
It'll be hot again today-on "High Pressure Ridge";
...A rooster crows to his hen,
she just wonders where he's been,
that's the way it is on "Pressure Ridge".
....."High Pressure Ridge" I know you'll win,
'cause you've been here since time began,
but have you always been this cruel,"Pressure Ridge?,
...It's not the same without my man,
He tried to break you, but couldn't stand,
...please say He's coming back, "Pressure Ridge"...............
I think a really neat concept would be something that paralleled Martina McBride's "Timeless" album in which she cut some of her favorite songs growing up.  It is by far one of my favorite country albums in recent years. 

Any Connie Smith song you do would be AWESOME!  I just LOVE her!

I'll think some more on particular songs this weekend.

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