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"4th Man In The Fire" would be good.

and anything by Keith Whitley

or you could change the name of John Prine's 'Dear Abby" to 'Dear Herby'

I vote for- It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels" a 1952 song written by J.D. Miller, and originally recorded by Kitty Wells.  And I must say I like Herbs suggestions.

Mr. Bec the Bead lady

I know for a fact Rhonda does a beautiful Walk Thru This World With Me

The Ol' Dawg

Always thought that the Queen would "flat tear up" the old Johnny Cash song, "I Still Miss Someone" - The kind of heartbreak ballad, a la "I'm Not Over You", that she excels at. Maybe, goin' "outside the box" with a rock ballad, "Against The Wind", by Bob Seger, about leavin' youth (with little responsibilty) behind and assuming more and more responsibilities with an ever growin' and successful career. "Jesus Hold My Hand " - Not enough gospel on "Good Thing Going" - Here's a good chance to rectify that situation on the next album. As far as themes, that stuff is SOOOOO overated. I'd worry 'bout pickin' the best 12 songs instead. It is my belief that at every stage in your life, you're attracted to certain thangs. That bein' the case, If you pick the BEST songs, and the ones that you are attracted to, there will certainly be a "common thread" runnin' through 'em, without havin' to make a conscious effort to look for a theme. Just my opinion, you understand.

Robert Hall
Rhonda,I have no doubt no matter what songs you choose for your next album,that you'll not only pick great ones,but sing them to perfection as well!..

I too feel the "theme" isn't as important as the songs themselves are...

I think Rhonda's voice is well suited for "sad" songs with a mournful sound,like her "I'm Not Over You" for example..as well as snappy,happier tunes..

I think all the suggestions so far are good ones,though I'll admit I have never heard of a few of the tunes recommended..because I don't get to hear much Bluegrass up here on the radio or otherwise,unfortunately..

I love Johnny Cash's "I Still Miss Someone", both Pam Tillis and Suzy Bogguss did great covers of that song,their versions are my favorites...I bet Rhonda could nail it as well!..

I like some of Iris Dement's songs too,and I'm hoping I can get to see her in concert this fall,she's coming to a coffeehouse in a nearby town,I have only been waiting since 1994 to see her in concert!--Cheryl Wheeler is coming to the same venue too,she's another great songwriter..
"My Town" and "My Life" are two favorites of mine from Iris..
"Further and Further Away",and "Don't Wanna" by Cheryl Wheeler.

Some songs I have liked from years past should be revived,many of them were never released as "singles" or got much radio airplay,but were great songs none the less..only trouble is,I don't know that many older bluegrass songs,having listened to country music most of my life..many "album cuts" on the cd's from the 90's should have been released as singles if you ask me..

A few of my favorites,that Rhonda would sound great singing in my opinion,originally done by other artists are:

"Cold Day In July"
" Handyman's Dream",&
"Heartache" (Suzy Bogguss)

"Born to Run" & Too Far Gone","Beneath Still Waters" (Emmy Lou)

"Love Someone Like Me" , " Are You Ever Gonna Love Me","Someday",& "Strangers Again" (Holly Dunn)

"Nearest Distant Shore" "Down On My Knees","If I Ain't Got You" (Trisha Yearwood)

"That's Me" & "Where I Used To Have A Heart","Goin' To Work" (Martina Mcbride)

"Hold Your Horses" & "You Do Or You Don't (Love Me)" Terri Clark

"Hillbilly Twist" ,"Home Sweet Highway","Right Between The Lies", & Straight and Narrow" (Wild Rose)

"I Can't Turn The Tide",She Deserves You",and "Read Between The Lines","Wilder Days" --(Kathie Baillie of "Baillie & The Boys")..

"Who's That Girl","Once You Were The Light Of My Life",(Rhonda could definitely NAIL this great Hugh Prestwood song!)and "The Hope Chest Song" (Stephanie Bentley)..

"Some Things I Know" (Lee Ann Womack)

I could list a bunch of other songs by artists like Patty Loveless, and many more I love too...

I also liked many ballads from the 70's and 80's,one that comes to mind is Gorden Lightfoot's "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald"..Someone should re-cut that song!--heard that song on the radio the other day, for the first time in a decade probably,and a flood of memories of the events that occurred when it was a hit came rushing back to me.."If You Could Read My Mind" is another,and "Sundown"..

And then there is Dolly!..many of hers songs are well suited for Rhonda,"Jolene" is one of her best songs!..Rhonda could do a great cover of Dolly's song "The Bargain Store",or "Joshua",or many others of hers..

I don't know many of Connie Smith's songs,other than "Once A Day",and "The Hurtin's All Over--All Over Me"...I once had an old cassette of hers ,but I gave it to a friend who liked her a lot..I do like her voice,but haven't bought any of her albums or CD's..

Donna Fargo's "Happiest Girl In The Whole U.S.A." might be a good song for Rhonda to cover,seeing she seems to BE the happiest girl in the U.S.A. ,every time I see her in concert!..

Maybe I should sharpen my pencil,and try to write a song for Rhonda to sing??..

I started to write one for her long ago,but I can't seem to finish it..

I titled it "The Whine Of The Wheels On The Highway"...it's about living "on the road" while working,and being kept away from your loved ones because you are forced to WORK too much of your life away,instead of being with family and friends,like you should..but I got writers block,cant seem to finish it yet..
Rhonda would probably get a good laugh out of my lame attempts at songwriting!..


I have always felt, you could flat tear up "He Will Set Your Fields On Fields On Fire".
Connie Leigh
 Well,,,,, Let's see here
I think you should put a song about a young couple cheatin on their spouses on the cd...UM........I think it's called "You Can't Cheat Death."
Oh wow, I just realized, I wrote it! lol kidding with ya
mike Garlock

    Request songs all the time and Connie Leigh will come out of the woodwork!  Just kidding Connie Leigh...Mike G.
This might sound kind of off-beat, but I think it would be really cool to do a remake of an old rock song and completely "bluegrassify" it Something like "Anything You Want You Got It" by Roy Orbison or "Give It Up or Let Me Go" by Bonnie Raitt. I also love the song "Runaway" which has been done by several people, I don't know the original singer.

Behind those big closed doors

Rhonda, i would love to hear you sing the wild wood flower (2) blue eyes crying in the rain (3) i heard the blue birds sing (4) what a freind we have in mother(5) in the sweet by& by but every thing you sing i enjoy you have a fantastic voice.
Hi Rhonda:
I think you guy would do great version of "Ripple" and "Brokedown Palace".
Professor Ron

How about using the theme of duets?  You have sung with many good artists, and I am sure many more would like to be a part of the project.  Also, don't feel that you have to limit the number of songs to 12!


I thought of the traditional gospel song, "This Little Light of Mine".  Maybe a traditional train tune like "The Wreck of the Old 97".  Or maybe The Highwaymen tune, "Micheal (Row The Boat Ashore)".  Bob Dylan's "It Ain't Me, Babe".

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