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How 'bout "Mr Engineer" from Jimmy Martin/Paul Williams;
or "This Old house" from Stuart Hamblen:
or "You'll Never Walk Alone"  one of the original Oak Ridge Boys Quartet songs


I would love to hear the Rhonda Vincent and the Rage version of You Are My Flower-the 1972 version by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

The Ol' Dawg

In the Queen's case, wouldn't that be, "You Are My FLOUR" ?     

Kim From MO

How about a "Ragin' Favorites" album?  The only problem would be whittling down all the favorites to fit on one disc!

Louis Gentile

 I think you should cover this song by Donna Fargo I am Happist Girl in the Whole U.S.A 

Rhonda, i would like to hear you sing Mary of the wild moor
Jim Saunders
A long time ago at a festival I mentioned a song to you that I would love to see you record - it is called "My Heart is a Diamond".  Not sure who wrote it but Claire Lynch recorded it on one of her earlier albums.  I would still like to hear your version of this beautiful song!   
I would like to hear Rhonda do a gospel album with a mix of up tempo and old hymns. Someone suggested "Rosewood Casket" which I hadn't heard before, but if it was done in the style of James Alan Shelton or Mike Seeger, that would be great. Or another possibility would be some contemporary Christian songs in a bluegrass style. Dennis Jernigan has some awesome songs. It is wonderful to have an artist ask the fans for input, this doesn't happen often. Thank you for the opportunity Rhonda. Doesn't matter what you sing, all of it is awesome.
Smoky Mtn Man
Was Going To Discuss This With You At Dollywood, But Since The Thread Is Here,
I Have Had This In My Mind For A While,But Can't Take The Credit,The LORD Put This On My Mind!
The Title Of The The Cd Is S.o.s.
Have The Cd Cover As Well
You Are On A Old Sailing Ship The Name Of The Ship Is Old Zion 
Feature Song Of Course Is The Old Ship Of Zion
Other Songs If You Don't Love God You Don't Love Your Neighbor
Plus Song Of Your Favorite Gospel And Some Old Gospel With A Touch Of Modern Gospel
Just One Request
Can I Be In A Video With You And The Rage? Lol
See You Soon At Dollywood!

Jim P
I would like to see them do this.  When the roll is called up yonder.  Here are the Maple Brook Boys doing it


don't know if you can remake a song but "i will" by the kinleys.


Maybe Donna Fargo's song---"Kirksville, Missouri".


Emmylou Harris has a lot of songs that you might consider.  "If I Could Win Your Love" is a good one.  She also did a version of Creedence Clearwater Revival's, "Lodi".  Even Dolly Parton's, "To Daddy" is a good one too.  So many to pick!!

Tony Miles

I read the article in the Times News in Burlington NC. I noticed the  part about songs for your next project. It happens that I have a few songs I had written some time ago. I feel one or more may work well. If interested please feel free to e-mail me and I will share more.


Hi Rhonda,    How do u like?    The wine was dark and it was red and it took me far away.  My head was spinning round and round and I lost another day.  I couldn;t see the storm ahead or the winds that it would bring only a man riding on a cloud like something in a dream.  Theres more

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