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" I Wonder where you are Tonight"


There's a great song on the Tom T. Hall cd "Homegrown" entitled "Bill Monroe For Breakfast". I can see Rhonda doing a great job with that one!!

Jim G

Randy Travis did a great song on one his gospel albums called "Turn Your Radio On". I think it would be a great song for the band to do!

Justin Frazier
Hey Rhonda! Here is my top 3. I think these picks would be great for you, your sound, the band, ... I just think these would be great!

Porter Wagoner's "Satisfied Mind"-- Your voice would sound amazing on those high notes, and would be nice in memory of Porter.

Emmylou's "Jordan"-- from the Roses In The Snow album, or the title cut would be great.

Finally, Dolly Parton's "Blue Smoke"... It was written by Dolly about 4 years ago, but shelved. It was a very catchy tune, good "train" rhythm. It has your name all over it!!! Call her up!  It's a great song that needs to see the light of day! And what a great album title, too!

Keep rockin', Rhonda... See you at Dollywood.
Rhonda, I would REALLY love it if you did "Medals For Mothers", "Come Back To Me In My Dreams", "Why Did You Wander", and "How Great Thou Art". Those songs are so beautiful. They would be even better if you sang it.

Rhonda, I am a big fan of Connie Smith so "Once A Day" would be just perfect/any other Connie Smith song for that matter!  Theme for your new album/title of your new album could be> "Smokin' Bluegrass" / "We Don't Smoke Grass We Just Play It"/"No Grass Gonna Grow Under Our Feet Unless It's Blue"/"The Grass Is Always Bluer On Our Side of The Fence"/"Next Best Things Best Influence"/"On The Bus With The Rage is a Gas Gas Gas"/  On a more serious note what about>Tributes and Tribulations/When The Past Meets The Present/It's All About The Song....just to name a few... LOL

P.S. Rhonda, Are you still accepting songs for consideration for your new album?

When is the tentative date new album will be coming out?

Jim Simmons

A song I never got to request, but heard Rhonda do on a radio broadcast " My Sweet Love Ain't Around" a Hank Williams song. Love to hear it on the next album. A definite hit !!

The Ol' Dawg

Jim - "My Sweet Love Ain't Around", the Hank Williams penned and Rhonda's vocal "tour de force" (Not to mention, the Ol' Dawg's ABSOLUTE FAVORITE) can already be found on her "The Storm Still Rages" CD.

To be honest Rhonda, I have some many favorites I'd love to hear you sing. So rather then suggest old songs I'd like to see you and the Rage sit down with Matraca Berg & Jeff Hanna, Joey and Rory, Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton  and Connie Leigh to pen a Tribute to all the unsung Heros in the world (the parents that work so hard to raise good children, and the everyday workers that just do the best they can). I know getting an all-star writing crew like I mentioned is almost an inpossibility but Hey, The Nitty Gritty Dirt as young men gathered the greastest bluegrass musicians of that time so who knows what an absolute star like you might accomplish
Keep those songs coming....and yes, you still have time to send any new songs.

We recorded 7 last week, and still need 5 more to complete the project.

Thanks so much for all your suggestions!!!  It's very helpful.
i wish that george jones and you or vern gosdin would do a song together.............

Makin' Believe - Kitty Wells
Tim A
Glen Campbell recorded a song called I Have You which I think would be awesome for the new project. Following are the lyrics to the 1st verse and chorus.

Sailors have the seven seas and four strong winds that blow
Drifters have the next town down the road.
Gamblers have the chance to bet the ace that's in the hole
Soldiers have the hope of coming home.

And the flowers have the early April rain,
Believers have what they have never seen,
And the dreamers have tomorrow if today does not come true.
You have eyes that shine, and I have you.

I look forward to your new CD!!!

Hi Rhonda, i would like to hear you sing something old like let old mother nature have her way by carl smith i dont think a woman has ever done that song or maybe the twelfth of never it would surley be something diffrent.
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