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Mike Garlock
Hi Everyone,

    Pulled into Sodus Point, NY about 4:30 Sunday Afternoon.  Had to spring the Dog out of Jail.  The Traffic around Buffalo was pretty heavy, but it is a Holiday Weekend.  Mike G.

Hi Mike,   Glad you and Brenda made it home safe.   I got in about 5:30 ... safe and sound.  It sure was great seeing everyone.  Is it too soon to be looking forward to next year??   

Jean and Ron

We arrived home around 6pm. We intended to stay for the morning church but due to the lightening and rain we hooked up and left earlier than we had planned to.

We  stayed for Church , they had it at the cook shak, we rolled in about  5:15 ! Had a good time as alway's! Thanks to the Vincent Family , Julia & Richard!
                      Bob, Marj and Bud-Dee
Charles Flanary
We got home around 5:00 PM today and we stayed for the worship this morning.
Hey Mike and Brenda!

Glad ya'll made it home safely! Charlie K and I headed out very early to beat the thunder and rain! Now, I'm here near Kansas City staying with Nannie, Bec and Matt, til Tuesday before I head back to California!

We just got home a little bit ago, after Nannie took me around Independence, Mo and showed me many Historical places. It was Amazing!

Thanks again, to the Entire Vincent and Sandker Family for a Wonderful week!! And ALL those who helped make it a Blast! Ya'll are the Best! It was Great meeting so many new Ragers!

It's 2:12 am Nashville time. Richard and I just arrived at our house in Smithville. There's a painting party in the morning for all who are interested LOL!!!

Hope to see some of you at the Ryman on Thursday!!!
Uncle Pen and Friend

WE left the mountain at 9:20 and just pulled in the driveway here at 3:40,  approximately 24 hours after going to bed last night!!!

Charlie K
I made it home last night about 6:30 and I'm back at my office at 4:30 AM. I feel exhausted but elated! This was, for sure, the best Sally Mountain ever but now it's back to the chaos.
Thanks to everyone who made Sally Mountain so memorable. I had absolutely the time of my life. I don't see my Rager friends very often, but I do feel they are the truest friends I have and I cherish them all. And, of course, thanks to Rhonda, Herb and the Vincent family who make it all possible.
Gary L Kennedy
Hello from the great state of OHIO! (can't seem to get the colors to work on this computer)  I finally left Kirksville at 3:30 PM yesterday, although I wanted to stay forever (which ain't that long anymore).  Drove straight thru to my sister's house near Dayton and arrived at 12:30 am.  Seemed like a nice time to drop in on someone.  I now have three days to visit family and friends before heading to Nashville to see the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT and the RAGE!

Special thanks to the entire VINCENT, SANDKERMOTTESHEARD, and RAGER families for making the past week the most amazing week ever!

Thanks to everyone who asked about the abscence of the Rager Band at this year's festival.  We were in the studio putting the finishing touches on our next CD "Bad Thing Coming".  I wrote the title song to commemorate the one year anniversary of the day that Lower Management began to not book us.

Only 358 days until the annual Scrubby Dud's reunion!
I ended up leaving Sally Mountain around 1:30 p.m. or so and got home around 12:30 a.m.  My directions were different going home than coming up to Kirksville I believe because when I got to St. Louis, there was a 6 miles stretch of highway on 64 closed off.  The detour signs were pointing towards each other so I had to figure out how to get around it.  It tacked on an extra hour to my drive but I finally got the heck out of dodge.

Thanks so much to the entire Vincent and Sandker family as well as all those who helped make Sally Mountain happen!  I had the best time ever just hanging out with all sorts of people. I even got in 2 games of golf. (According to Dear Herby, I played 2 games too many haha)

All that walking commenced the Sally Mountain weight loss program for me.  I believe I lost 5 or 6 pounds this week from walking.  Gosh, I'm so out of shape.

Many thanks to the Hughes, the Adams, UP and Friend, and the Georgia crew for their hospitality.

And you know what the best part was........No Raccoons this year!!

Have a great day!  I'm exhausted but gotta make some money.


Kimberly Williams


We were in the studio putting the finishing touches on our next CD "Bad Thing Coming".  I wrote the title song to commemorate the one year anniversary of the day that Lower Management began to not book us.

Nikki and I made it home a couple of hours ago after we were dropped off by the Hughesgrass Express. I had such a great week as I'm sure everyone else did. There's all kinds of festivals but none of them come close to being as special as Sally Mountain Thanks to everyone who made the festival possible and especially to Jim and Jane Hughes who brought me!! If it weren't for them I wouldn't have been able to come. I can't wait to see all my rager friends next year... if not before
Rockin' Robin
Marcus, Brie, & I left Kirksville about 3:30 pm yesterday and arrived in St. Louis about 7pm.  We decided to take a field trip to the ARCH (aka Gateway to the West......thanks GLK).  We rode the capsule to the top and had an AMAZING time.  After a nice dinner, we left St. Louis at 11pm and drove on to 130 miles north of Nashville.  After a tad bit of sleep in KY, we arrived in NashVEGAS at noon today!!  We had a nice dinner tonight with the Nashville Redhead and her niece and are planning on touring the city tomorrow. 

We're waiting to Station Inn it and then hit the Ryman on Thursday!! 

Thanks to the Garlocks, Hughes, UP & Friend, Vincents, Charlie K, Rage, and those crazy northern EHs for all of their hospitality and fun!

Great seeing everyone and thanks to Bec and Matt for providing our annual SM wedding festivities.  Who's getting hitched at SM 2009?

Rockin' Robin
AND how could I completely forget the INCOMPARABLE GARY LEE KENNEDY as part of our fun filled SM adventure!!

SEE YOU Thursday GLK....bye!

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