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Because he's like way totally forgettable, eh?

C U at the Mother Church!!!!!

We stayed for the gospel show on Sunday morning at Sally Mountain.  After saying our goodbyes we left Sally Mountain around 12:00PM.  We drove until we hit terrible traffic below Chicago, Illinois on 80. Stopped to spend Sunday night in Michigan City, Indiana.  Visited a friend in Ohio on Monday & Harry drove all day Tuesday to finally arrive home in PA at 7:00 PM Tuesday night.  He's exhausted & of course would not let me help with any of the 1100 miles of driving on the way home. We both had a great time enjoying all the music & meeting so many new Ragers, Courtney, AmY, Hughes, Sammie, Charlie K, Charles Flannery, Kim from MO, Sherry Frazier and everyone else I didn't mention. We hope we will see you all again at a future time.  Harry will post some pictures in the next few days.  For me, it's back to work on Wednesday.

Finally home after 3174 miles total round trip and 27hrs drive home. Never seems long on the way to fun, always seems longer when we leave all our old and new Rager friends.

Left SM Sunday 12:20pm, planned for 8am, the mud once again had other plans for the Hughesgrass. Took 2 separate tractors to pull us out, what a mess. Gary K, a special thanks for your assistance in the t-storm to try and get us out.We ended the week the way we started, stuck in the mud. Stayed overnight in Indianapolis, Monday we dropped off Nikki and Sami 3pm-ish in Ohio, drove til Jim couldnt drive any longer,stayed in KOA/Allentown PA. 7 hrs final driving today found us home on the Cape around 7pm.

It was definetely another fun filled week, in spite of illnesses and mud. The Vincent Family works so very hard to be sure all have a great time. It is difficult for Jim and I to name a favorite part, Miss Carolyn's blackberry pie is one of my favorites , we bought a whole one to bring to Chris at home.The ever growing neighbor-"hood" camp this year was always hopping nearly around the clock with laughter,music,fireworks to fire rings and all kinds of great food. The Rager experience, once again ,proved to not be for wimps!! You are all our very special friends.
Return to work on Fri/Sat/Sun, laundry and food shopping tomorrow, ho-hum back to reality.
Thank the Good Lord that in His care,we and friends travel to/from safely.
I'm sure Jim will ad his comments later, he's snoring away right now ,shhhhhh.
Nite all,

I'm glad to hear you made it home safe and sound, mama Hughes! I was ready to go home when you dropped me off, but now I'm so bored!! All I want is to be back in the ghetto I guess I'll just have to wait for next year...
Don Eh?

Stayed Sunday night at the Mountain (we were the only ones left in the park .... too quiet for me, kind of spooky) and took off Monday morning at 7:30am.  Traveled as far as Gary, Indiana and stayed in the trailer at the Flying J (hoped to get farther, but 99 had to stop and shop).  Ann couldn't sleep because it was so hot and the trailer next to ours had its generator going all night long.  I think the carbon monoxide actually made me sleep better.  On a side note ............. during her shopping frenzy her Visa card was denied at WalMart because the Visa people thought that due to the erratic spending, the card might be stolen.  After a phone call to confirm that it hadn't been stolen everything got straighten out.  To bad ........ it's better if the card doesn't work. 

Back on track ....... we left the Flying J early Tuesday morning, 4:30am, and started heading east.  Last year as we were on I-80 heading through Illinois (around mile marker 83), our 19 year old van blew up.  This year as we were driving in the same area, I commented about the previous year and how lucky we were to have a new truck this year while traveling through, what I call, The Bermuda Triangle.  At that moment, the engine in the truck began to emit  a very high pitched squeal, that got louder and louder.  Doing what any good driver would do, I put the Pedal to The Medal, and figured it would either get better or  be like last year and blow up.  After a few miles the sound disappeared and we continued on our way.  I don't think we are supposed to travel that stretch of highway. 

Ann discovered that we still had a few dollars left, US Currency, and needed to stop at Cracker Barrel in Port Huron before we crossed the border.  After our stop we continued on our way and arrived home at 7:30pm. 

Thanks to all our friends who made this such a great trip, all those in the Hood (Ghetto), Rhonda for the mandolin, Herb for the humor, Carolyn for the gooseberry pie, Johnny for his banjo playing, Brian for being MC (and the everything person), Julia and all those that looked after the MWB, the entire Vincent Family for putting on such a great festival, and to all those that I haven't mentioned.  This is starting to sound like an acceptance speech at an awards show.

Can't wait until next year.

Oh, Gary, do you know that song "Salty Dog"?

SAL-TY-DOG, SAL-TY-DOG!! What great times I miss you already Don-Eh!
Jane H
I know what you mean. It is 1:30 AM and I am still on SM fun time, got used to 4:45am bedtimes, now I can't sleep!! Although I would be glad to sleep in my home bed tonight, but you know how 'you-know-who' snores, makes it difficult. Time to grab my pillow and hit the sofa
Thanks for such a fun filled 2 weeks, SM 2009 will be here before you know it, the countdown already began before we got home .
Mama Hughes

Charlie K

I think Salty Dog will be the official song of the Rager Ghetto in the future. If you weren't there, you wouldn't get it, you had to be there. It was hilarious!


We got home at about 7 pm est last nite.  We stopped twice on the way and mostly avoided the interstate.  Stopped also to see a friend in Ohio for a couple of hours.  We had a great time and it was nice to finally meet those we hadn't met already.

Jim Hughes
Good morning everyone... 

Just needed to stop in here on this post to say hello now that I have caught my breath, so to speak, since returning from Sally Mountain.

As Jane stated in an earlier post it was a long 27 hour trip back to the far reaches of Massachusetts from Missouri with the final push being from West of Allentown, Pa. to here at home Tuesday morning.

We had a BLAST at Sally Mountain once again this year.   The neighbor"HOOD" seems to grow larger and larger each and every year and is filled with wonderful and caring folks with a true love of bluegrass music, fun and fellowship.   I over heard some one say once to stay away from the area we were in since it was filled with undesirable "groupies"!    The folks in our area are the nicest you could ask to associate with in my humble opinion and, I am proud to be a part of what we have there.    For any future attendees of Sally Mountain that would like to stop by and say hello the door is always open.......   Meet us before you judge us is all I ask.  You might be surprised at what you discover.....   Registered Nurses, Police Officers, Paramedics, Teachers with double masters degrees, Pharmacology students, Engineers, Entrepreneurs and private business owners and professional musicians...just to name a few cuz' the list goes on!     All are welcome in the Bluegrass Hood anytime at all.   Just be honest and true with a love for Bluegrass music and you'll fit in just fine.

Now that that's off my chest................ Jane and Ben,  Don & Ann Adams, Uncle Pen & Amy, Marcus & Robin,  Mike & Brenda Garlock (maybe you'll move to the HOOD in '09), Gary Kennedy, CharlieK,  Sami, Nikki, Brie, Courtney, AmY and, all the honorary hoodsters who spent more than 4 hours visiting....  Kenny, Mickey, Hunter, Darrell,  SHERIFF Sally, Tensel,  Karen, Yogi, Dear Herby, ~Debbie~, Sharri F (did I spell it right?), Harry and Crew, The Canadian crew (Eh!), Bec and Matt (congrats),  The Bluegrass Brothers Band,  members of the Queen City Fire Department and anyone else I unintentionally left out!   You all are the best and, thanks for all the good times and laughs that have made memories that will stay with me FOREVER!

I want to also give thanks to GOD for guiding and protecting all of us as we traveled around the country and Canada to come together at Sally Mountai and beyond...

Thanks to Johnny and Carolyn, Rhonda, Brian and all that helped to make Sally mountain all that it is!  A very special place indeed.

Take care everyone!


ps...   Very special thanks goes out to all the men who assisted in the "freeing" of the HughesGrass Express when it got stuck in the mud on the 29th and.....  to the farmer(sorry I never learned his name but I won't forget him) next door to Sally Mountain for all his help with 2 tractors to pull the bus out AGAIN on the 6th.

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