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In a shocking announcement earlier this week, the legendary college football Swami and popular advice columnist Dear Herby revealed his intention to never watch another college football game if the national championship matchup should happen to feature the Southern California Trojans and everyone's favorite team, THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES.  While such a possibility seems quite remote, the whole world knows how much the great RHONDA VINCENT would love to see her beloved Herby give up his beloved remote.  Therefore, all of her loyal fans are united in their support for RHONDA VINCENT's dream championship game.

Both teams would need to win all of their remaining ames, and then hope for some help from the Big 12 and SEC (not the Securities and Exchange Commission, I'm talking about the one with the obnoxious.....uh, I mean passionate fans).  USC looks like a good bet to finish the season 11-1, but the BUCKEYES are another matter.  OHIO STATE faces an extremely difficult challenge when the powerful, undefeated Penn State Nittany Lions visit Columbus this Saturday.  With the sole exception of RHONDA VINCENT Fan Club President Julia Mottesheard, all Ragers will be cheering wildly for our beloved BUCKEYES this coming Bluegrass Saturday Night.

Now let's go out there and win one for the Queen!

Typo Police

*games* not "ames"....although perhaps Iowa State could help out when they visit Stillwater.....not exactly holding my breath on that one!

Uncle Pen & Friend

I Don't Think So, Mr. Kennedy


Since there are PSU alumni on both sides of our family our blood runs BLUE not red.

Tom Alman
I have the answer to this delima! 'GO STATE' LOL!!!

I see someone has been using that 'kelp' again. 

Please come in out of the sun!!! Nothing could be worse for the Swami than USC and OSU in a championship game. All of college football would be in an uproar. Mutiny would run a muck. Men everywhere would lose control of the remote. Nobody would show up for the game. TV ratings would plummet worse than the Dow. Then, to top everything off, the Buckeyes would get creamed again. You wouldn't want that to happen again, would you?
Spare the embarrassment, and put the Buckeyes in a BCS game. Just not the Championship game. Give someone else a shot. Hopefully, Oklahoma and Texas will win out, and it will be a mute point. They'll face either PSU, or an SEC team TBD. If Oklahoma wins out, that will eliminate both USC and OSU. Strength of schedule will kick in, and those 2 will be road kill. PSU only has a chance by winning out. Even if Ohio St beats PSU this weekend, it won't be enough to get them to the title game. Conference is too weak. Same for USC.
Funny things can happen the rest of the way. Heck Utah and Boise St. might be the teams to beat. You just never know.
I am still holding out for the Fighting Irish of NOTRE DAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Uncle Pen and Friend

Get ready to hear the roar you "buckeyes"
g L kennedy
What can I tell you, Herby?  I'm a maverick.  I might not answer these questions exactly like Senator Sandker or Moderator Mottesheard would like, but I'm talkin' directly to the American people.  Any suggestion that I would want to see the BUCKEYES get creamed in a national championship game is a complete misrepresentation of my life long position.  In fact, what I want to see is the exact opposite.

I certainly don't have any desire to see USC in the title game, so I would gladly take your forecast of magic in the desert Saturday.  I was merely attempting to support RHONDA VINCENT's goal of a football-free future, something which I'm sure she knows is out of reach no matter what happens.

I Have a Dream, Herby.  Missouri wins the Big 12 North.  The Tigers then proceed to beat Texas for the conference title.  This loss knocks the Longhorns out of the national championship game and opens the way for none other than........drum roll, please......oops, better make that a banjer roll.......are you ready, Herby?.............................................



Susan I have a confession to make! I watched some of the WVU game last night! I know that I'm not allowed to even think about WVU on a game day let alone WATCH the game.....BUT....I thought it was safe to just turn over to see the score...which was 17-3 at the time...so I figured what could it hurt at this point for me to watch. WELL.....from the time I turned the game on, WVU was unstoppable!!! I think my luck is changing

This is a trick.  I'm not falling for it.  Border Guards get in position.  Notorious JAM is heading to OHIO!!!!!

Maybe we should take Richard's truck to the show so no one will recognize us!
I'm lucky enough to get 2 tickets to OSU /PSU game tomorrow night.  Will be hollering my head off for those Buckeyes.   GO BUCKS
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