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Yes, indeed! But I will give OSU this much ... the future looks very bright for the Buckeyes with Terrell Pryor at the helm. It would be a statement of the obvious to say that this kid is special. Penn State did not embarrass OSU last night by any stretch ... a very good football game!

As for my beloved Crimson Tide ... it just feels so good to be back in a place of prominence and in the conversation for the BCS title, although I readily admit that at this moment I still don't think we could stay on the field with Texas or Florida. I think we're still a recruiting class or two away from that. And boy, did Florida look strong against a very good Kentucky defense yesterday, or what? Wow! Very impressive and the Gators are peaking at just the right time.

But it sure feels good to know that barring a loss to Auburn or Mississippi State, we'll be in the SEC Championship Game this year. Even a loss to LSU (which looks unlikely now) wouldn't keep us out if we win our contests with  MSU and Auburn. But up next is Arky State ... and that is the only one I'm thinking about right now.

Just win, baby ...


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