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Thanks so much for hosting the annual Rager picnic at Gettysburg on Saturday.  It is always such fun to make new friends.  Enjoyed finally getting the opportunity to meet Rockin Robin.  The pulled pork and baked beans were great.  Except for the rain a good time was had by all however it wouldn't be Gettysburg in May if it didn't rain.  Again our thanks to Uncle Pen and Friend
Margo & Bob

Uncle Pen in PA
It was our pleasure to host the picnic again this May.  We have made such good friends over the years at Gettysburg and it is always wonderful to have a chance to sit a while and catch up with everyone.

Saturday was an excellent day!!!  My two favorite bleugrass bands, Rhonda and the Rage and the Seldom Scene were in back to back time slots...   And those spots were surrounded by Dry Branch Fire Squad, Steep Canyon Rangers and Daily and Vincent...   Not a bad day of entertainment.

It was really sloppy and wet most of the week but we had a really great time.  We have lots of pictures and I hope to get some of them posted soon.
A very special thanks to Uncle Pen and Amy for delivering meals to Richard and I at the Martha White Boutique and for the case of Red Hot Chips
Thanks Mike and Amy for a great time.  It's fun to get together like that.
Was nice to see everyone again and to meet Robin finally, lol.
A very special thanks to Uncle Pen and Amy for delivering meals to Richard and I at the Martha White Boutique and for the case of Red Hot Chips  

There was talk of sending it with Hunter.
I also want to thank Mike and Amy for hosting another nice get together. I enjoyed it, as well as the 2 days I spent at Gettysburg. Good food,good friends,good music, and good weather... ; )

Take care....Greg
Professor Ron
I, too, want to thank Mike and Amy for the wonderful time.  However, I hope it was a semi-annual get together and not an annual affair!  I hope to see everyone in August - especially that "Rockin Robin".

Bluegrass fans are such a nice and honest group of people, and Ragers are even more - they are family.  Even when they don't get on the message board, they still keep everyone in their prayers.

I hope to see you soon.

Professor Ron

i want to put in my thankyou's as well. i've been so sick since i got home haven't had time to get on here. standing in the pouring down rein during the dry branch gospel show didn't help matters, but couldn't help it. anyway, you guys always have good food and fellowship and we will certainly get together again in august i'm sure. Everyone stay healthy and safe till then. God willing and God bless.

Uncle Pen's Friend
I will be serving something new at the August picnic 

Either "Mudslides" or "Mud Pies".    I might hold off for May but you never what August might bring.
Rockin' Robin
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who made "Wettysburg" a wonderful long weekend, especially to Uncle Pen & Friend for providing Brie, Debbie, & I with our home away from home and for hosting the rager picnic and to Debbie & Brie for including me in their bluegrass weekend of fun!!  Thank you all for taking care of me and giving me a weekend I will never forget!! 

I really enjoyed getting to meet many ragers I'd never had the opportunity to get to know including Margo and Bob, Professor Ron (thank you so much for my MW pie lady shirt), Shelby, Greg, & finally meeting HARRY and his lovely wife!!  Although they didn't make it into town in time for our picnic, it was also nice to see Ms. Amanda Lynn and Judy!!   (I know I'm probably forgetting someone here....please forgive if so, it's not on purpose).

And of course it was great fun spending time with "tried and true ragers" that I already knew like Uncle & Friend, Debbie & the soon to be graduated (and soon to be a fellow Southerner) Brie, Ms. Mary & Mr. Jim C., & the elusive GLEEEEEK (aka Cal Gary, Gary Lee Kennedy, & GLKBYE). 

If I forgot anyone I'm sorry!!  Thank you all for making me feel like a part of the family like ragers all so often do.  I look forward to seeing you all again soon and if you're ever down this-a way, please let me know so I can return the hospitality!!  

If anyone has any pictures of the rager picnic will you e-mail them to me?  It was the one time I didn't have my camera up and going.  I must have been on the job!! 

Again many thanks to you all!!  My first gettysburg weekend was AWESOME!!

BTW--Where were Mike & Brenda Garlok??  I heard they were to make an appearance at "Wettysburg", but never showed!!
Rockin' Robin
I completely forgot poppop!!  I'm so sorry!!!  It was great to see you Ed.  Hope to see you again soon!!  Let me know if you hear anything about when Music of the Mountains will air.
Mike Garlock
Hi Robin,

    We were planning on Gettysburg May and August.  We have a friend that lives in Maryland about an Hour away and we planned to stay with him.  In April I had my #1 Man give his two Week Notice.  So, I have not replaced him and I might not.  Business is down and the Price of Gasoline is up.  I think it might have something to do with each other.  Anyway having a 7 day a week Store it just didn't feel right leaving for the Weekend.  I'm glad everyone had a great time.  With that line-up of Talent it had to be great.  I hope to see you guy's soon.  Mike G.

Wettysburg!!! l.o.l i like that. ain't it the truth. it was nice to meet you also, robin. you will always meet the nicest, most down to earth people at a bluegrass festival.

meeting HARRY and his lovely wife

I'm not lovely?? Gee thanks, lol.
Poor Harry!
Tom Alman
Don't worry Harry. You are not the only ugly one around here. I have a face that would stop a clock and the Dawg. I ain't goin there LOL!!!

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