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Mike Garlock
Hey 99,

    I plan on Cooking Chicken Sandwich's in the Cook Shack if Cut & Curl will have me!  Mike G.

 Mike "G" .......You're the MAN ......Have I ever told you, you are my hero.......
MAYBE you can help teach these men at Sally Mountain on how it is supposed to be.  Your lucky wife should be so proud of her wonderful man.

Harry....... but  look at what you are going to miss!  Remember there is always next year.

HS ........just like the Prez said we "women are too busy" to be spending a lot of time on the computer not to mention...... playing poker, golfing, playing the banjo, fishing.......and the list goes on and on..........


Mike Garlock
Hi 99,

    I forgot to tell you that will be after HS and I take as much Money as we can from the Knuckleheads at Kirksville Country Club!  Then we be Workin'.  Mike G.
Mary G

I'm here and with Julia, 99, Courtney, and all the others to control/counteract the Dr. Herby rules. Have just been enjoying all the banter.

Mary G

Sorry Rhonda, didn't meant to leave the Queen out!

Ha! Don't worry Dear Herby...we women are here. We are all just working too much to have time to post a response yet. hehehe

My response shall come soon though!

Hey Mike "G"..........good luck chasing that poor little ball around and then hitting it!   
I know you will be working after the game, as I said earlier, You're the man  
Will Herby be supervising  or playing another game of golf?  
I know ....... he'll want to go and relax , with his fishing pole, especially after playing 18 holes of stressful, money making/loosing golf!

Don't worry HS, the women on this board are out there.  They're just waiting for the right time to post  a response or maybe.....
they're waiting to pounce at Sally Mountain
I wonder if you should you be afraid......very, very afraid!  

Funny that your partner in crime is being very quiet.   Maybe he has come to realize that.......

WOMEN RULE and men drool!




Agent 86, where the heck are you??????? You need to take the muzzle off the dogs, and put it on the musher, before she ruins MANkind.

This is how that "right to vote" thing got started many years ago.

I've got the shock collar on the Queen. (To keep her quiet) You need to step up to the plate "Big Dog" and get your woman under "control."

If you can't handle it, I may need to bring the "Chief" in to help.

My last statement will be in code for Agent 86 to hear only.......c u @ SM. (See if you women can figure that one out.....LOL)

I'm away for a few days and she starts going haywire on the message board.  Must have had way too much time on her hands.  Says she lost Herby's instruction book, and was at a loss.  No problem.  I had a spare one just in case it went missing.  We're all straightened out now.

Here's my response to "Summer Classes for Men at Sally Mountain:

1.  How To Fill Up Ice Cube Trays?  No need to fill up ice cube trays. We don’t have them here, in the cold, cold north. THERE’S ICE ALL AROUND US. Why would we need more?

2.  Toilet Paper Roll, Does It Change Itself?  The Sears catalogue has worked for years. No need to change now. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

3.  Lifting the Seat?  There’s no toilet seat to lift up. in the old outhouse.

4.  My stove/oven consists of a wood fire outside, frying pan, and spatula.

5.  Dirty Dishes?  Do what we’ve always done … Let the sled dogs lick them clean. They love it. (See #9)

6.  Losing the Remote?  If you’d like the reins to the dog sled team, by all means, take them. You know how they work.

7.  Learning How To Find Things?  If you would quit moving things, then I wouldn’t have to try and find them somewhere else, like that frying pan and spatula. Next time just leave them in the boot tray.

8.  Flowers?  By the time we get flowers shipped up here, they’re dead.

9.  Parallel Parking?  There’s no way I can sit quietly while she tries to parallel park the dog sled team. The last time she tried that, the dogs got all upset and started biting each other in the tail. What an uproar! I finally got them settled down by throwing down a bunch of dirty plates, to let them lick clean. (Refer back to #5)

10.  Basic Differences Between Mother & Wife?  No real big difference, except one is married to my Father and one is married to Me. I think you know which is which.

11.  How to be the Ideal Shopping Companion?  I’m already the perfect shopping companion … When the fur trader stops by the igloo, we both go out together and choose the proper clothing. (A team effort) Remember the hard and fast rule when shopping for fur clothing - The warmest clothing has “Fur side inside, skin side outside” … NOT “skin side inside, fur side outside.”

11b.  Lost?  I don’t thing so. These dogs always know there way home. Never a problem.

12.  Remembering Birthdays and Anniversaries?  I’ve never forgotten your birthday or our anniversary yet. Your birthday is the opening day of Moose season, and our anniversary is the opening day of the seal hunt. How could I forget these dates.

13.  Fundamental Differences Between the Laundry Hamper and the Floor?  Laundry ………… what’s that?


Secret code for Herby:

 will   @   .



Atta Boy 86...I knew you would come through for me.


Don, that reminds me of a joke, remind me to tell you at Sodus.


I can only imagine, Chaos!   I'll remind you.

So I figured this topic needed to be bumped back up to the top.

I've not had a moment to sit down and respond yet to all of those boys shenanigans, and I may have to post a little at a time when I get the chance, but I certainly will deal with you boys!

I do have one question for you boys:

Why is it necessary to lift the toilet seat in the first place? Can you really NOT make it in the vast space provided for you?! I know that we teach the boys to lift the seat when they are potty training because they have no aim whatsoever, but is it really necessary after, say, age 10?

On another note, Boys please do not EVER forget to put the toilet seat up in a porta-potty. I had the unfortunate experience of ALMOST not seeing that the toilet was left up in the porta-potty. Boy, that would've been MESSY!!

We women will have you boys trained so well that you may even start to dress and act like us! You better watch out!!
Apparently, this little girl has started practicing early on. This is what we women have to do to keep you in line!!

What it Takes To Make Men Listen

We women will have you boys trained so well that you may even start to dress and act like us! You better watch out!!

Harry's already got the high heel shoes!!!     

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