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Dear Herby
Yesterday was a bad day for us. First the 'Neers, then my Tigers fell in their perspective bowl games. Both teams seem to play uninspired, and down to  the same level as their competition.

Don't know about you, but I sure do have a bunch of Iowa Hawkeye fans near me that will be partying in the streets. This was a big win for them. What do I do?? Get a dog, or bring out the 12 ga.???? What would you do up there in wild West Va.???

I'll await your wisdom on this matter.
Just for the record in case someone decides to blame ME.....I did not watch any college football yesterday....now for you Eagles fans...I am sorry but there wasn't anything else on tv last night to watch
Mike G.
Morning Kids,

    I watched Syracuse start Big East Play.  With so many good teams they will be beating each other up like SEC Football!  Mike G.
It turned out to be a good game, with the team that tied for 4th place in the Big Ten playing the team that tied for the best record in the Big 12.  I thought that Iowa was going to blow them out, but Missouri kept it close against a vastly superior opponent.  Congratulations to all participants in these meaningless exhibition games.

MG Hammer, I can't wait until the Aztecs are ranked ahead of the Navel Oranges!
Mike G.
I hope they get by that next Powerhouse Game against Occidental!!!  Do you remember Boise St.?


I am sure the Prez is to blame!  I was in tears last night!

Dear Herby

I need an knew UM West. Charlie K. would you accept the invitation? I would be deeply appreciative!!!

Charlie K

I accept your invitation, Herb! And you know that I'm such a big sports fan, that ANY sports team that you like, I like them too!

Dear Herby
Thank you Charlie K. I've been needing quality representation out west for some time. You'll fit the bill perfectly. The checks in the mail.

Your title is officially UM WEST COAST!!!! Welcome to the phraternity!!!
UM South
Welcome aboard, UM West Coast!   At long last we have a voice of sanity and reason in the State of California.  Have you ever considered going into politics?  

UM South
Jimmy G

Hey Herb how about those Iowa Hawkeyes we beat Missou!

Mike G.

You sure know how to hurt a Herby G-man!

Dear Herby

OUCH......that was painful Jimmy G.

Professor Ron

What happened to Gary?  He was such a lover of RV&R.  Did he drift too far left to be right?

Gary Kennedy
Hi, Professor Ron.  Thanks for asking about me.  I can assure you that I have tremendous love, respect, and admiration for the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT and her amazing Men of Rage.  I never cease to be amazed by Rhonda's commitment to her fans.  She and the Rage are certainly deserving of all the dedicated support which they receive from their many loyal fans.

It has been my honor and privilege to serve as West Coast Regional Director of Upper Management during the past few years.  However, the job is extremely time-consuming and involves a full-time commitment which I am no longer able to make.  At my advanced age, I am no longer capable of providing the kind of quality representation which the job requires.  Perhaps it should be noted that all of the other Upper Management executives are significantly younger than I am. 

Therefore, Mr. Sandker and I have agreed that I will step down and let the legendary fiddler Charlie Knoth take over my duties.  He is a fine, hard-working gentleman and a loyal Rager.  I am certain that he will do an outstanding job.  As an added bonus, Mr. Knoth is wrong about virtually every political issue, so he should fit in quite well.  UM East, South, and the CEO won't ever have to deal with reality again (UM North seems to have reasonable views, but they can never be heard over his 24-hour a day banjo picking).

Although I will miss the hefty salary, I am happy to report that I have been approved for lifetime unemployment compensation.  From now on, the hard working citizens of New York, Alabama, California, and Missouri will be supporting me.

Happy New Year everyone!
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