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Herb Sandker
Upper Management Music is proud to announce that Rhonda Vincents new CD "Taken" has risen to the top of the Billboard charts in week #2. Overtaking Dierks Bentley whose had a stranglehold on #1 for several weeks was difficult, but thanks to all the fans, it has been done!!!!

Rhonda would like for me to convey her deepest gratitude to everyone that has gone to the store and purchased the new CD.

Thanks to everyone for making Rhonda Vincent, and "Taken" #1.
The Adams Family
Congratulations Rhonda, Herb and Upper Management Music......well deserved!!!!

The Adams Family
Congratulations Rhonda, Herb and Upper Management Music......well deserved!!!!

Mike G.

Congratulations Doc & Rhonda!  You both work so hard you guy's really deserve it.  I think Taken being such a great CD will be at #1 for quite a few Weeks.  Mike G.

Ann A

oopps I hit the little button twice......dah!!!   I was just so excited.  

Herbert...you can't share that information until it is officially released.
I think I just released it.  

OK...I got an idea.   Everybody, forget I mentioned anything about this till tomorrow, Friday, or Saturday!!!!! Then you can shout it from the roof tops!!!

You mentioned something Herb ? ? ?
Larry Jett

Wow, congrats on the great news that I did not hear yet. Be very proud of all the hard work. God Bless's those who work hard and believe in his son.


Larry Jett....I may have asked you this question before, but I had a basketball coach a long time ago by the name of Terry Jett. Would you be related to him by any chance? You guys look a lot alike. My memory much like the rest of me is getting older, and less dependable!!!!!

Larry Jett

No sir, not that I know of. Most of my family are located in East Tn.

Ok we can officially congratulate Rhonda on a NUMBER ONE BILLBOARD ALBUM!!!!  
That is Great!

Here it is:


Not only does she have the NUMBER ONE (I like how that sounds) Bluegrass CD, but also the Number 21 Country album!!!!  Congrats Rhonda!!
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