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Congrads to everyone who was involved in making this great cd.

Congratulations!!!  It sounds sooo  great it had to go to #1!!!  seems like this cd had so many songs that people relate to & touched their hearts.

 Thanks Rhonda & the Rage!!!!! 
Now that it's "official" CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I couldn't think of anyone who deserves this more than you do RV!  Thanks for sharing your amazing talents with us and for including all of us in so many of your fun journeys!
Jane H
Congrats!!!! Always #1 to us......now the world will know for sure
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Rhonda  and all who worked so hard on this project.
It was # 1 for me the first time I listened to it. I had to buy 3 cd's as usual
my 2 Sister's love your music too. I always have to pick up one for them or they try to take mine and that just cant happen.

Congrats Rhonda and the Rage........ never doubted for a minute..love the new cd....

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