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Rhonda & The Rage
Thanks to all our special friends! It was a wonderful night in Music City.

It isn't often in life, you find yourself doing exactly what you always hoped you would do. I remember the many nights at our family pickin parties.
Not really thinking about where life would take me. I am so thankful for the musical life Mom & Dad created for us to grow up in. I had no idea they were also creating such a loving extended family.

Thank you for being a part of our Rager family......

Your support is very much appreciated. We love you!!!
Mike Garlock

Congratulations Rhonda, Hunter and all the Winners.  Thank You for allowing us to come along for the ride.  For us to be around people that are so openly fun to be with and have so much talent gives us so much pleasure in these difficult times.  Thanks for all you do for your Fans.  We Love you too.  Mike G.


CONGRATULATION!!! And thank you Rhonda for all the GREAT Bluegrass music!

Jane H
You and the guys are all winners all of the time to us.
Congrats! We  are so sincerely happy for you.
As I was helping Ben copy/paste the winners last night when the internet went down, I thought of how much you are a mentor and great role model to the younger bluegrassers. You lead by example,and prove hardwork does have rewards. You deserve it all!!
Thank you for being so special in our lives
Jane H
Rhonda....thank YOU! You are the one who brought us all together and who keeps this extended family going! We appreciate you more than you'll ever know!

It was awesome seeing you win the awards last night, but if you never win another award.....you'll always be THE BEST to all of us in Ragerland
Hi All,
 Rhonda, as you know we love your music, and you, Congratulations on the awards, but, the best rewards are you, your family, Julia, Herb, you guys are so sweet, and treat us (fans) great, that is what we love about you. I love your mom too, what a sweet lady.
 And the Rager fans are fantastic people, see you all in July.
CONGRATULATION!!! to Rhonda , my favorite Bluegrass singer of all time and Hunter , the best fiddle player I've ever heard.
Robert Hall
RHNDA!--I'm very pleased to see you,and Hunter both won the awards you were up for!..

I prayed for you both to win,and I see God answered my prayers!..

I can only echo what Julia, and everyone else in this thread has said,your the BEST!..both on and off the stage!..nobody works harder than you do to be the best at what you do,and to please your fans Rhonda..you deserved to win,and I'm very glad you did..

Congratulations to your brother Darrin and Dailey-Vincent as well,and Josh,Sweet Brenda and all the others who won too..

I wish I was able to go see Dailey-Vincent and Josh,and Bobby Osbourne yesterday,they were not that far from my area too--but I was unable too.. ..
I bet they were very happy to win their awards too!..

scott and karen
its great to see you win ... god gives gifts and all the rage and you are very gifted.. i will always remember the cruise ... you coming on and have been sick and doing the best you could(which was very good i must say)but the rest of the band was there in great saport..there is not enough of that in the every day life..i thank god for letting me live in these  days .. i have been so blessed...it was truely a gutts night for you to evan to attemp to sing that night... eyes that looked like you had hay fever... and i am not by no means saying you looked bad ... i have never seen you look bad... you just looked worn out...what you give to the fans i dont think you will ever realize..i sit in awwwww when i listen to such great talent... your to bluegrass to what wayne gretzky was to hockey... what george jones is to country music..you are the real deal..
the rage you guys are simply the best and i like the changes you have made... it was a great choice.. you are souranded by the best.
so from here in millcove new brunswick.. thanks to you for shareing that gift... the fans are blessed
god bless you
scott and karen
ps ... for give the spelling

Congratulations Rhonda and Hunter!! They picked the best!!
Dean the Boston Boy

I love you and I'm extremely happy for you and Hunter today. And for Darrin too!

I am proud, always, to call myself a fan of such a great team of musicians.

I will always give support to you and all the other pickers and singers who make this music that I have come to love so much.

You have yourself a good day, girl...


Gary K

Congratulations RHONDA!!!!!
and all of the other award winners and nominees, including Sweet Hunter and Brenda!!!!!
Special thanks to the legendary Ben Hughes, along with his overworked and underpaid staff!!!!!

Kim from MO
Congratulations Rhonda, Hunter and Sweet Brenda!  It's wonderful to get the recognition you deserve!

Kim from MO
You're welcome, GLK! I worked hard to calm Ben down after some kid took his seat and then I had to make sure the older people in the audience didn't trip over Ben's power cord while he was giving the Ragers their updates! I'm worn out today!
Ashley D.

Congratulations to Rhonda and Hunter on the SPBGMA win!!!! 

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