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Jane H

Miss Shay, Thanks for keeping a watch on that Ben of mine!! I knew you were tired after SPBGMA weekend, didnt realize how much work Ben was gonna have for us 

Thanks for the recognition from me too!! Ben and Julia lost internet only a few awards into the show. I was at home in MA,on my way to sleep when Ben called and gave me a last minute assignment. As he learned the results, sent it by text to my instant message,I would copy/paste it to MB.  
Funny thing, bluegrassblog.com added a nice mention the next day re:Ben posting the results on the RV MB.
So, when are we going to get to see the one and only GLK this BG season? Do you have all your travels plotted yet? We finished ours last week.

Gary Kennedy
Jane, we can always count on you to come through in the clutch!

I haven't made any definite travel plans yet, other than Sally Mountain, of course.  My nephew is graduating from Ohio Northern University on May 24th, so I'm leaning towards going to Graves Mountain the following weekend.  That may be my only east coast appearance of the year.

Right now, I'm leaning towards heading for bed so that I can be at the bar for their 10:00 AM Sunday morning service.   THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY is on a CBS regional telecast tomorrow.  Apparently, I live in the Syracuse-Villanova region.  I don't know anybody who cares about that game. 

So it's back to the barrooms again......
Jane H

GLK, Good Sunday morning to you, Looks like we will be stopping at Graves Mtn too. We still arent sure about SM. Strange how bluegrass traveling makes the world seem so small! We'll look forward to seeing you and I'll pack some extra veggie burgers for you and Ben.  Enjoy the game today.  JBH

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