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Our thoughts and prayers go out to Murl Guffey and his family in Northeast Missouri.  Murl's wife Tharon passed away today. I don't have any specific details, but I do know she has been ill in the past years.

The last time I saw Tharon, she came to my house when I was ill; and she and Murl sang me song after song that she had written. I took video of most every song. 

My first memory of Tharon is seeing her on The Guffey Family Tv Show, every Sunday morning on KTVO Tv.

And when my daughters were little, we would listen to their radio show on KIRX every Sunday morning as we rode to Sunday school.

The Guffey's were symbolic to Sunday morning, and it's a tradition I continued with the girls; that they will never forget.

Tharon was a devoted Christian, incredible songwriter, singer, and wonderful musician. 

Many of you may have seen Tharon and Murl out at Sally Mountain Park. They made many appearances at the festival, and Tharon even wrote a song title "Sally Mountain Park".

I will cherish many fond memories of she and her family. 

Jim G

My condolences to the family. We watched that program a lot also. Goodmans

Robert Hall

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your friend..she sounds like she was a big part of your life..I'm sure you'll miss her a lot..it's so sad,that  we all must grow old, and eventually pass on..my condolences and prayers to her family,and to you too..

Hope I can get to see you a week from today at Podunk in CT..somehow...


Sounds like she was a wonderful lady and what a legacy to leave to those who knew her! I'm sorry about the loss of this person who must have been an example to her community.


sorry to hear the bad news  our prayers and thoughts  are with the family

I to remeber spending many sunday mornings with the guffy$ and my grandparents I am sorry to hear this and will keep the family in my thoughts and prayers
My condolences go out to the family and friends of Tharon.  I will be sure to keep Merle and all of the family in my thoughts and prayers.  
I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. She has total peace now in Jesus' care and that is a blessing we all can long for.
earl austin
While it's nice to see all the crowds at Sally MT (especially after not being there for 2 years), I couldn't help but be sad thinking of all the people who used to go or perform there. Some have quit going. Some just can't get out anymore and others are no longer with us. A couple weeks before we went I was wondering about Murl & Tharon (I think they were the 1st group me & my ex ever heard up there) along with Kathryn & Pearl Vincent. Sally Mt has been to me less a bluegrass festival and more of an "extended" family reunion through the years. As much joy I have up there, I leave with a tear wondering who won't be around the following year or able to attend for health reasons.


My condolences to Murl & his family.

Randy Guffey
I remember as a child growing up seeing your grandparents play many times at different places.  As my uncle Murl would still say, "You're now a long way from Pennville."  Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to remember my aunt, Tharon, who is very special to me and my family.  Without Murl and Tharon, I don't know how I would have made it when I laid my father to rest in 2005.  Thanks again.
Craig Watts

Hello, Rhonda and Randy, NEMO is very sadden by a Gospel Music Icon. I too grew up listening and watching the Guffeys on Sunday morning at the old KTVO station. My father took us kids to see them once. We were seated in chairs inside the studio . Back then we were told not to make noise but to us kids that was hard to do. I live down the sidewalk from her granddaughter and a block away from her Daughter. Tharon will be in our hearts and memory's forever. The songs she wrote will live on as well. Rest in Peace Tharon we love you!!!!!


The Guffey family is in our prayers. Tharon sounds like a very remarkable lady and I know will be greatly missed.

Jadyn o'brien

  thats my grandma im just so sad with out her and i now sees lookin down on us all the time and its just so sad in her house without her and i just cant bare not hearing her voice eggin me on and i am just so very happy to see that everyone cares and my mathew o'brien carried her to her gave may she live in peace.

Savannah P

Aw! That makes me sad! The Guffey family is in my Prayers!

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