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I'm so sorry to hear that Rhonda. I know how hard it is to lose a friend. My prayers go out to you and to the Guffey family.


I just heard about Tharon, My sympathy goes out to her entire family. I grew up watching the Guffey family on Sunday mornings also she was a great lady, singer, and song writer. But she is in a wonderful place now. She can sing with my little girl who went to heaven on 7-20-o6 .  GOD BLESS

Robbi Zastawiak

My parents watched The Guffey Family every Sunday morning and I'd sit and watch it with them...they were a talented family and I loved how they brought their family onto the show...their daughter's then boyfriend even came onto the show and was playing with them....they were all great!  I often thought about them through the years, thus is what brought me here...I was doing a search on them to only find out that Tharon had passed away...My thoughts and prayers are with the family and with her many friends.

Ken Durst
 sorry to hear the loss of your friend.
she must have been special to you.
my prayers with you, the family.
she is with THE LORD  now.
there is no bad days with the lord, all good,

Hi, My father who is dead now was JAmes S Guffey from Alabama. He left me cassette of the Guffey family singers, [Roy was 1 of them ] who were his relatives. I have been looking for more of their music to lean to play, and sing at church. I do not know if they are related but would love to have cds of their music do they sell them or do you have any information. Thank You and God Bless You
You should contact Merle Guffey in Greencastle, Missouri.  I'm sure he has lots of the Guffey Family music for sale.

Prayers coming from here

Dawn Finley
I also grew up listening to the guffeys on Sunday morningin rural Iowa.  I wish you would post some of your videos on youtube.  I remember one song that always has touched me.  This Child is Mine.

Don Williams
Today I was tellilng my wife Janet about a couple of gospels singers I knew in the middle 1950's Murl and Tharon Guffey. My father was the pastor of Faith Temple in Del Rio, Texas. I was about age 12 at the time.

A couple of gospel singers used to come to church in Del Rio and sing. After church they would come to our home in Del Rio for some of my mother's roast beef. Other times we would stop by the hamburger place and buy 5 big hamburgers for a dollar. One day they invited me to come to their home in Del Rio and sing with them.

My dad, C.L. Williams, had told me that they had a gospel singing program on XERF radio station in Mexico. The call numbers were XERF radio station 250,000 of power being the most powerful radio station in Mexico.

On my visit to their home I watched Murl prepare for his prerecorded program of singing and some speaking of God. He turned on his wire recorder (this was before tape recorders) and gave his introduction about himself and began by singing some gospel music. He would stop the machine and prepare for the next song. Once Murl asked me to sing along with them and I did. It was interesting watching him prepare each song, sing it and then speak a minute and follow it with another song. He would take a pencil and paper and make notes and then record his thoughts. At the time this was cool to me as I had never seen this done before. Of course back then you always asked for donations to keep the gospel music on the air.

After completing the program, Murl stated, well I got to prepare it and take it to XERF so they can play it on the radio station Sunday.

I was about age 12-14 at the time. This was in mid 1950's. Now I am age 67.

Over the years I have mentioned them to friends. Tonight I asked my wife Janet to look Murl and Tharon up on her I-phone. They popped right up and brought back wonderful memories of those far away places and long forgotten times which is still strong in my memory. I enjoyed reading about them and would like to know more of the rest of their life.

I would be interesting in buying a book of their songs or tapes of them singing.

Murl and Tharon were very close friends of mine back then, but as life goes on, people move on and all you have are your memories.

May God bless both of them and their families.

Don Williams, Georgetown, Texas
Randy Guffey

It is almost 2 years since we said goodbye to my aunt, Tharon Guffey.  On Tuesday, July 26, Murl celebrates his 90th birthday and has been missing his bride.  Wish we could join the family for their celebration on the following weekend, but can't make it down to MO from MN at that time.  Remembering these special people in my life.

Geoff Seymour

I just stumbled on this because I was researching a 45 rpm record by Tharon and Murl on the Chaplet label out of New York.  These artists were completely unknown to me and yet I enjoyed their music so much.  For me it had the sort of lovely old time feel to it that can never be faked or reproduced.  Just beautiful.... so I offer my thanks to them.

Incidentally there are two of their self published books currently being offered on eBay.

best wishes to you all

Geoff Seymour
Lynda Snuffer
Wow, I have been setting with my mother who is in her last days and was wanting to play music for her that I knew she would like. It is really strange Rhonda as our fathers passed away close together and I ran onto this site first when I was searching for the Guffey family. We too watched them on TV. Small towns, rural areas. I remember going to 4-H camp and meeting the girls, I was so excited, I think they thought I was a little strange [smile]  I would love to listen to their music again and play it for mom, I know she would enjoy listening.

Rhonda, I asked my uncle about your dad and he said they played together, but I can't remember at what point in time. D.G. Lynch is his name and he is a Master Fiddler [smile]  I love him bunches and have such a great respect for his talent.

Thanks for the posts everyone, it has been nice seeing how much Merle and Theron has meant in so many  lives! God Bless!

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