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Dear Herby
Oh Prez.....How come I haven't heard anything from you or your little buddy from the left coast? I figured you'd be all hopped up about the Cardinal/Pirate series this weekend.

Maybe that's because the Cardinals have taken the 1st 2 games? Maybe, since the year 2000, the Cardinals have the best winning pct. in baseball over the Pirates. Something like 118-64. (2nd only to the NY Yankees over Baltimore during that same time span.)

Maybe it's because Albert Pujols has the best batting pct. in PNC park since it opened over any other competitor or home team player that has graced PNC.

Maybe the reason the Pirates have such a good record is because they've been playing all the sub .500 teams in our division. (The Cubs and Astros)Beating up on them is admirable, but it gets tougher when you play the better teams in your division.

Well, it doesn't really matter. As I said before, winning in July is good, but the real pennant race doesn't start till mid August. Keep your head up Prez. I'm glad we could come to PNC and sell out all 3 games of the series for you. When was the last time the Bucs sold out a 3 game series with anyone? Good to see the fans coming out in Pittsburg. Nice stadium. Good manager. Pretty good young team. I just don't think they will be contenders this year. (Unless they go after some help before the trade deadline)

Now, since we've already won this series, I'll tell ya what we'll do. We'll rest several starters tomorrow, and give you a chance at a win for the home folks. I doubt Yadi, Freise, and two of the starting outfielders (probably Holliday and Berkman) will even play tomorrow. We'll throw Lohse. That should be enough for you to get a win.

Yes the air indeed does get thinner at the top. I just thought I would hear something from you on this prior to the series. Then, maybe a congratulatory post after the Cards secured the series tonight. You're not like your little buddy that can dish it, but not take it are you?

Good luck tomorrow!!! Go Cards!!!!
Maybe it's because I am at the Ryman and don't have time to read and respond til I get home
Dear Herby

LOL....excuses, excuses!!!!

Now Herby Herby Herby....do you really think that after being a loyal fan for 18 straight years of losing....that I'm going to hide now because we lost two games?????  No....but the scary part of this whole awesome season for the Pirates is that I think I'm becoming the reverse black cat!!!  We have had company all weekend so I've not been able to watch either game and they lost!!! Could it be that the Pirates now only win when I DO watch????  

And I believe that the Pirates sold out their previous weekend series....the Pittsburgh fans are really excited about this young team and are coming to see them, not some bunch of multi millionaire players from the midwest  And to set another record straight.....they've not just beat sub .500 teams, they took 2 out of 3 from the Red Sox, have beaten the Phillies and Reds too, not to mention at particular series against the Cards earlier in the year where they won the series.   

The Pirates may indeed fade, but ya know what, the Cards may too  We'll see you in September and see what's happening then.  And if your team is so out of this world and can't lose....how come they had to wait til this weekend to go ahead of the Pirates for first place
Dear Herby
Now Prez...don't get your panties in a wad...if you truly are "in reverse" don't watch till after today. Starting Monday, you can watch all you want.

Over the past couple of weeks, which coincides with the rise of the Pirates, they were beating up on the Stros and Cubbies. You've got the Cards at home this weekend (which you've already lost this series) and then maybe the Phillies, Atlanta. Teams with better records than the Cubbies and Astros. Your pitching is wavering, (Cardinals have banged out 27 hits and 15 runs in 2 games) scoring runs has been a problem all year......I don't know.

Lets talk again in a couple of weeks.

BTW..the Cards have been in 1st place most of the season. This has been the 1st peak at the top for the Buccos. (the air is thin at the top) The payroll for the Cards is around 100 million, which is below the league avg. (The Yankees are near our national debt) The Pirates are 45 million. (You need some payroll...better players) Our payroll and yours probably goes hand in hand with attendance. We've been drawing 3 mill ppl a year for several years.

I watched last nights game, and the Buccos looked like a beaten team. Not much gitty up and go in them. This is the problem with young teams. When they are winning, nobody can hardly beat them...but when they start losing, they hit the gutter and can barely hold their heads up, and before you know it, the snowball gets bigger and bigger as it heads down hill. These next couple of weeks will shed some light on the Pirates outcome on the season. If they are within 4 games of the leaders by August 15, I'll be surprised. The biggest thing they have going for them is...there are 3 other teams in this dogfight as well. Everyone keeps knocking everyone off the throne.

A simple "Congratualtions Herb" on winning the series in Pittsburg would have sufficed.
Yeah Yeah Yeah.  
Besides, come October we'll be watching the Phillies and Yankees or Red Sox in the world series so none of this will matter anyway  Let's face it, the National League Central is hardly setting the world on fire  
Professor Ron

Did you mean the hair is thinner on top? 


herby i think we need some pitching  and we need to  quit making those stupid mistakes . we have to play the brewers,pirates,braves,reds phillies in aug and sept gonna be tough .i will be in st louis to see the cards and brewers aug 9 10 11 and for the sept 2 3  4reds games i have  brother and sister there i am stuck in hot memphis tn  go cardinals go cardinals bye bye pirates.6i reall worry about the reds.

Mike G.
Afternoon Prez,

    The Yankee's in the World Series???  I like the way you think!

Mike G.

Gary Kennedy
I would like to take a moment to apologize for my previous outrageous post which read: "How about those FIRST PLACE PIRATES!"  I now realize that I had no right to mention the fact that the PIRATES were (and still are) in FIRST PLACE.  I sincerely hope that no one was offended when I pointed out that the PIRATES were (and still are) in FIRST PLACE.  I know that a lot of people root for other teams, so not everybody was happy when I mentioned the FIRST PLACE PIRATES.  I'm certainly not a fan of the FIRST PLACE PIRATES, although it's nice to see a young team with a relatively low payroll get into FIRST PLACE.  Obviously, nobody knows the future, but the NL Central has been a fun race to watch from my neutral perspective.  I happen to be a fan of the WORLD CHAMPION SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS, but as you know, I've never been one to brag about my teams.  I just thought that a post about the FIRST PLACE PIRATES would make Julia happy, and, of course, we all love Julia.  She's always been such a good sport while many of us, myself included, have given her a hard time about the PIRATES (who are now in FIRST PLACE).  I'm sure that I wouldn't have been nearly as good of a sport as Julia has been.  Unlike Julia, I'm the type of person who can dish it out but can't take it.  I knew that Julia would be too humble to start bragging about the FIRST PLACE PIRATES, so that's why I decided to point out that the PIRATES had moved into FIRST PLACE.  Anyway, I'm very sorry about mentioning the FIRST PLACE PIRATES, because I never wanted to upset anyone.  I hope that this race stays close and goes down to the last day of the season.  Although I'm not a fan of any of those teams, I've always admired the St. Louis Cardinals, because of their great tradition and many loyal fans throughout the region.  Aside from the Yankees (who are hated by all loyal Americans) the Cardinals have been the most successful team in Major League history.  During the 1960's, I used to listen to Harry Caray and Jack Buck on KMOX almost every night, and that's still my all-time favorite announcing team (although I was a big fan of Bob Prince, too).  So good luck to everybody and I'll try not to say anything else about the FIRST PLACE PIRATES (who won again last night to stay .001 ahead of the multi-millionaires from the midwest).  Of course, this race changes daily, so it will be interesting to see if the FIRST PLACE PIRATES can remain in FIRST PLACE.

P.S. How about those FIRST PLACE GIANTS! 

I must be the real black cat.  Ever since I popped off about the Pirates, they've been falling apart.  Don't worry, Julia, I have a plan to turn things around.  I have arranged for the Cubs and Padres to visit Pittsburgh this week.  That should cure any slump!

Where have you been Gary????    I appreciate the schedule for next week..thanks
Gary K
Julia, I am so sorry.  This is all my fault.  When the Pirates were in first place, I think I may have casually mentioned it one time and now I've ruined everything.  I'll never discuss sports on here again.

Rhonda, did you know that football is about to start?
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