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Sweet Brenda & Him
The Bluegrass Express is back on Wed. nights 6 - 9pm with Sweet Brenda & Him on the Bobcat. http://www.bobcatcountryradio.com call toll free 1-800-849-4146
We are so happy to be back...So don't forget
Email us here or sweetbrendandhim@aol.com
Sweet Brenda & Him
It is time for the Bluegrass Express with Sweet Brenda & Him on the bobcat
Don & Ann A

Got the bobcat tuned in and we're ready for some great BLUEGRASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great night. 

Don A
Brenda, did I just hear you say it was 80 degrees down your way.  It's only 29 here.  I think it's time to move south. 
Sweet Brenda & Him

Thanks for listening, we are back....

Sweet Brenda & Him

Yes, but they are calling for snow on friday.

Don A
Right now, it's snowing here.
Ann's packing her bags ...................... oh, darn.

Sweet Brenda & Him

Come on to VA. you will Love IT

Don A

Oh, I know I would!

Mike Garlock
Evening Kids,

     We have you playing Loud & Clear.  Don A. we have some Snow Flurries in the air here too.  I do have the pump in the Swimming Pool lowering the water level back down where it started last fall.  Springs coming slow, but it is coming.  Mike G.
Sweet Brenda & Him
We are so glad you are with us to night.
Hello from Music City USA!!!  
Julia and Richard
Hi from an hour west of Music City USA
Sweet Brenda & Him

Rhonda is going to call, don't miss it.

Mike Garlock

My favorite Larry Sparks Song!  Mike G.

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