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Sweet Brenda & Him
Good Afternoon!

The Bluegrass Express will be on Tonight on the Bobcat.
http://www.bobcatcountryradio.com 6 - 9pm don't miss it. 

Call us toll free 1-800-849-4146 or email us here or sweetbrendandhim@aol.com

Have a great day...
I'll be listening here in Missouri.

I have a special favor. I'll call and ask.

Have you seen the front cover of the SPBGMA 35th Anniversary Festival 2009 Information Guide???

It features the Amelia, Virginia Bluegrass Festival!!!  

Sweet Brenda & Him
You know you can call us anytime.

Chuck told us he was going to use the photo's. 
Hey Sweet Brenda and Calvin!!

Sounding good in PA!!! And I think I Richard is listening in WV!
Sweet Brenda & Him
Thanks for listening....

We are so glad you make it home.
HI, Richard
Don & Ann A
Just tuned in.

Sounding great! 
Sweet Brenda & Him

How have you been?
Don & Ann A

Been great, wish we were back on the cruise ship. 

Sweet Brenda & Him

I'm ready...

Mike Garlock
Hi Sweet Brenda, Calvin, Rhonda & Ragers,

    Listening here in NY.  We melted at least two feet of Snow today...That was nice.  Mike G.
Sweet Brenda & Him

Him, wants to know how much is left?

We're listening to you Sweet Brenda, watching Tiger, and dining on pork steaks, baked fried taters  in fat free butter & sea salt, hominy, and our favorite veggie....PEAS!!!  

Sweet Brenda & Him

What's for Dinner? Sounds like a  Grandpa Jones menu

Hey Calvin....

I'm listenin'....and you're right on the money.

My sweet love ain't around.  He just went to his pool league.

Thanks for playin' bluegrass!!!

Sweet Brenda & Him
Did he do the dishes before he left?
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