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Yes, that's the Mizzou Tigers in the Elite 8. They might be what you would call a high maintenance team. Up 24 points with 15 minutes left in the game, and they have to fight and scrap to keep Memphis at bay, and secure the victory.

UConn is next. It just gets tougher, and tougher. Will they finally make the final 4 for the first time? We'll see Saturday!!!!

Hammer....we're there. Will the 'Cuse be there also?????
Congratulations, Herby!  Mizzou was very impressive tonight, at least what I saw of them.  Just when I started getting into the flow of the game, Gumball cut in to switch me to the other game.  It turns out that I live in the Villanova/Duke region rather than Missouri/Memphis.  Who knew?

Don't tell the Hammer, but I really hope that we don't end up with an all Big East Final Four.  They're obviously the best conference, but that would be a bit much.  Go Mizzou!

Dot that "i" RHONDA !
Mike Garlock
Great Morning Herby,

    Congratulations on the great win!  They were up right from the beginning.  I watched the whole score in the upper right hand corner of my TV screen.  They did show us the highlights and your team looked good.  Sorry to see the Boilermakers go.  Big game for us tonight and Gary history is on your side we have only ever had just 3 teams in the Final four, but I will admit it's been on my mind.  Enjoy the weekend everyone.  Mike G.
Jim Hughes

As a born and raised Connecticut boy, there is no question about who will be crowned the KINGS and QUEENS of NCAA basketball this time around!!!!

The Men and Women Huskies from the University of Connecticut are bringin' it all home this year!

Jim, you could be absolutely right!!!! Mizzou will have something to say about the men, but probably not much. LOL

Hammer, looks like the 'Cuse will be heading back to NY to shovel snow.

Saturday afternoon, I'm having a Chili eatin'/Mizzou watchin' party here at my house. Mom is cooking the Chili, and I'm making the Sweet Tea. A little colby jack cheese, crackers, and a Mizzou win will make it just right.
Sounds like fun, Herby.  I'll try to swing by for the party.  This could be the kiss of death, but Mizzou has my support tomorrow.  Sorry, Jimberly, but New England already has enough trophies.

CBS is having a big night.  Starting tomorrow, there's only one game at a time, so this is their last chance to mess up the tournament by switching games.  Somehow, they always know which game interests me the least, so that they can show it in San Diego.

Whenever things start getting exciting, Gumball comes right into the living room and interrupts the fun.  That reminds of the father of this girl I liked in high school.....
Mike Garlock
Morning Herby,

    Yep we are done.  Not a surprise to Syracuse Fans we are used to it.  We have only been to the Championship Game 3 times with a 1-2 record.  Most of the College Sports faithful that are now out have a long wait til their beloved Football season starts.  Not Syracuse Fans we are in the middle of a National Championship defense of our LACROSSE team!  Oh ya see we jump right to the next sport!  Wake up and smell the Dome Dogs...Mike G.
It's go time, Herby.  Good luck, play hard, keep it clean, and may the best team have the last possession.  In my opinion, this is the best sports weekend of the entire year.  The Final Four is great, but the regional finals are usually even better.  We've got the eight best teams settling it on the court, just like it should be (Please note no-so-subtle dig at college football).  No more polls, seedings, selection committees, or Gumball interruptions.

For anyone who wants to know who to bet against, I'll be rooting for the following teams:

Missouri-It's practically my third home state.

Villanova-No strong preference here, although I had a really nice shower at Villanova in May of 1983.  It was either right before or right after my first appearance at the Gettysburg festival.  The gym was open because they were setting up for commencement, so I helped myself to the locker room.  The main thing that I remember is that the shower nozzle was really high, so I didn't have to bend over.  Just like the showers at Sally Mountain Park, minus the wasps.

Michigan State-Big Ten loyalty.

Oklahoma- I think I have Tar Heel fatigue.  This is the marquee matchup, with Psycho T facing Norman's Blake.  These might be the two best teams in the tournament, but that can change very quickly.

I would love to see every game go down to the last shot.  Gumball just stopped talking, so good luck everyone!
Well, my Tigers go down to UConn.

Not surprising to me. They just aren't in the same class as the elite teams in the NCAA. Their half court defense is poor, they can't shoot free throws, and their undiscipline style works against mediocre teams, but won't win championships.

The Tigers went much further than anticipated. They played above their ability for 3 games. In the end though, good teams will expose your weaknesses and capitalize on it. UConn did just that.

I would like to blame the "Black Cat" for watching and pulling for the Tigers, but I have to put most of the blame where it belongs....The Missouri Tigers.

As I said before the tournament started...it's the Big East and ACC. The rest of the conferences are just pretenders. I'd like it if Oklahoma made the final 4, but them and Michigan St. are very lucky to be where they are. I'm actually the most surprised that Sparty beat KU. I don't think they are even Elite 8 material. Sparty shoots free throws real well, but that's about it.

Louisville, UConn, Pitt, and Villanova should all be in the finals. It's unfortunate Pitt and Nova have to play each other to get there. North Carolina is good, and Memphis just had a bad night against Mizzou. It happens in tournaments. Not always does the best team win.

Coach Anderson should send all his Tigers home for the summer, and don't let them back on the team till they can make 7 out of 10 free throws. That's not asking much at the collegiate level. Take away their scholarship if they can't.

Coach then needs to teach a half court defense that won't give up uncontested lay-ups all night. UConn shot over 70% from the field in the 1st half, due to point blank, uncontested lay-ups. No brainers.

They're entertaining, but that's where it ends.
Sorry honey, about the Mizzou loss.  I'll be home to console you.  
Dear Herby,

One of the many services that I provide for this message board is to help out with the never-ending task of pointing out when you're wrong about something.  Obviously, YLW is the world's foremost authority in this area and most experts believe that she's planning to write a best-selling book about that topic.  However, it's an overwhelming task which is far too great for any one person, even the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT.  So I try to help out whenever I can.

Having failed miserably in my attempts to improve your incorrect political views, I now turn to the greatest sport ever invented, a game which is uniquely AMERICAN .......BASKETBALL!

The Missouri Tigers had an excellent season and proved that they can play with anyone by almost beating an outstanding Connecticut team.  It's very difficult to get to the Final Four, and Mizzou came about as close as you can get.  They certainly didn't deserve that keyboard lashing that you gave them.

Herby, your disdain for the Big Ten has been well-documented on these pages, but it has very little basis in reality (not unlike your political views).  I agree that the Big East is the best conference in the country, but the Big Ten isn't very far behind.  The Big East has more good teams than anybody, and if you just look at the top 20, it isn't even close.  However, there are 16 teams in the Big East and some of them were very weak this year.  Meanwhile, nine of the eleven Big Ten teams were legitimate tournament contenders.  No other conference had that much top-to-bottom strength, and that's why the Big Ten had a higher RPI than the Big East throughout the season.

It was no surprise that Michigan State beat the Big East champion Louisville Cardinals so convincingly.  The Spartans have proven that they are one of the best teams in the country, and they do a lot more than shoot free throws.  Nobody rebounds better, nobody has more depth, and nobody has a better coach.  Their guards are incredible and they had no problem dealing with Louisville's full-court press.  Holding Louisville to 52 points was an amazing achievement, especially after the Cardinals had just lit up Arizona for 103.

In fairness to you, Herby, you probably got confused when THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY took the Spartans apart in the Big Ten Tournament.  As you know, strange things frequently happen in conference tournaments.  I wouldn't say that it was a complete fluke, but every BUCKEYE had a hot hand that day and they were all doing their Rick Mount impersonation (this 40-year old Purdue reference is provided out of sympathy for any Rager who has endured the anguish of being a Chicago Cubs' fan).

Herby, I offer you this advice free of charge, because you're a good man and I want you to be successful in your future predictions.  During football season, you sat there in your recliner, sipping sweet tea, and being dazzled by all of those high-powered Big 12 offenses.  No conference in the history of college football has ever had so many great quarterbacks.  However, when it came time to win the championship, it was done with defense.  I fear that you've made the same mistake when it comes to basketball.  Big Ten games are frequently played in the 50's and 60's, which doesn't necessarily get you on SportsCenter, but we all know that defense wins championships.

Herby, I will give you credit for being right about Oklahoma.  I really thought that they would give North Carolina a good game.  Blake Griffin was awesome as always, but his supporting cast was extremely weak.  The Tar Heels have it all and they are going to awfully tough to beat.  President Obama picked them to win it all, and he's been right about everything else, so it wouldn't surprise me if he nailed that one, too.

There is so much parity in college basketball that I honestly have no idea who the best team is.  I think it all depends upon what the meaning of the word "is" is. 

GLK...Like I said, the best team doesn't always win in a tournament situation. If Louisville played Michigan st. 10 times, I have no doubt the Cardinals would win 9 of those. Today though, was Sparty's day. Congratulations to them.

I disagree with your assertion of the Big 10 being 1 of the best BB conferences. This year I would rank them down between the Pac 10 and the SEC. RPI means very little to me, since they build their RPI against each other. The Big East is by FAR head and shoulders above the Big 10. It's not even close.

I'll tell ya what I would do...I'll take UConn, Louisville, Pitt, Villanova, Syracuse, and let you pick the 5 best Big 10, and we'll let them play. You and I could wager $100 per game just to make it interesting.

I'll even go 1 step further. I'll take Kansas, Oklahoma, Mizzou, Texas, Oklahoma St. and Texas AM against the Big 10 top 6 and see what happens.

I really don't think it will be close. Michigan St. is fundamentally sound, and shoots free throws very well. They are also well coached. Purdue would have a 50/50 chance depending on who they play. The rest of your teams should forfeit. It would be a total embarrassment for you.

But, since we can't have this scenario play out, I just have to congratulate you, and say you were right, and I was wrong....this time!!!

Dear Herby,

Has it really been 40 years since Purdue played UCLA in the national championship game?  It seems like that was just last week.  Where does the good times go?  The old calendar is moving faster than a Hunter Berry fiddle break!

I think you missed my basic point, which is that you have to look at the entire conference.  I'm not denying that the Big East has more good teams at the top than any other conference.  However, if you look at the bottom half of each conference, then you would have to give the edge to the Big Ten.

Herby, your assertion that Louisville could beat Michigan State nine out of ten times is impossible to prove and impossible to defend, especially after today's game.  What part of that game did you think was a fluke?  You're just making stuff up without any evidence, just like.....well, never mind.  Julia doesn't like it when we discuss politicians, even unelected ones.  You might just as well say that Oklahoma could beat North Carolina nine out of ten times.  It can't be disproven.

In every conference game, one team wins and one team loses.  Please explain how that builds RPI.

The Big Ten is 6-4 against the Big 12 this season, with the possibility of Penn State playing Baylor this Thursday in the NIT......or, as most observers now call it, the San Diego State Invitational.

To be continued.....

Herb, Liked your predictions, they were real close, and better than the pro's that get paid big bucks.  Also want to let you all know that the boys are done, and they did beat Mich.St. by 20 pts. but, through away all that at tourney time.
 The PURDUE girls are still holding on, and hope they get to the final 4.
I knew I should have explained this better. I'll go slower this time.

My point was.....I n  a  t o u r n a m e n t,  t h e  b e s t  t e a m  d o e s n ' t  a l w a y s   w i n.

Anybody on any given day can win. But, if you take the top of each conference, (which are the teams that most likely will make the tournament. The NCAA doesn't usually take the bottom teams for some reason) the Big East is head and shoulders above the rest. If you check the tournament results for this year, I think you'll find the Big East and Big 12 are at the top in wins and losses. The Big 10 was very disappointing. I saw this on TV when they were making the conference comparisons, and was curious why the Big 10 got 7 teams in the NCAA tournament in the first place. I think most others are wondering the same. 2 would have been plenty, then you wouldn't have been so embarrassed. Maybe Penn St. should have taken the place of 1 of the teams that bowed out in the first round.

Let's explore this further...the Big 12 was 6-0 in the first round...Big 10 4-3, with 2 of the 3 losses coming to teams seated lower than them..."upsets"
After the 2nd round, the Big 10 is still 6-5, and the lowly Big 12 is 9-3...Hmmmm do we see a pattern here? BTW...I picked 15 out the 16 Sweet 16 teams on my bracket. Arizona tripped me up.

Elite 8... Big 12 is now 11-4...Big 10...7-6......you're really coming on strong now, thanks to Purdue and Mich St. (I think those are the 2 that I mentioned above that deserved to be in the tournament. The other 5 should have stayed at home)

Final 4...Big 12 lost both games with potential of going to final 4...final TOURNAMENT record 11-6. Not bad for a team with an RPI lower than the Big 10....Big 10...8-6. Not good for the conference with the best RPI. (How much validity do we put in the RPI now???????) Even IF Mich St. comes through for the vaunted Big 10, and wins the tournament, the Big 10 record won't be as good as the Big 12.

I don't think you want me to go through this whole scenario comparing the Big East to the Big 10...it would be a slam dunk for the Big East!!!!!!!

The moral to this story is....Don't always judge a team by what happens in November, and December.(RPI????) Sometimes it takes a little time for the "cream to rise"

I think the Big East and Big 12 have proven that in the NCAA Tournament thus far. Stats bear this out.

Go Baylor!!!!!!!
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