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Gloria BOYD
Dear Herby, 
    What do you think of them HEELS!!!   Being from the Carolinas we are true TAR HEELS.  Daughter graduated UNCA (Asheville)  Masters from Appalachian ,so we cheer for the great teams. I don't mind watching , sometimes I rather enjoy the games ,Ralph has the remote next to his recliner and watching another program by myself in another room is not as fun.  It is really fun to see how excited he gets over a game. He keeps shouting to them and they don't seem hear him sometimes.
  But thats no the problem. Next week-end we are going to Pigeon Forge Tn. for 3 days. For some R&R since I cannot get to a show of RV at the present time!   This was great until I came home from church last night,Ralph didn't go which odd.(always there) .  Ralph said that Saturday night he had to be in recliner to watch the GAME!.  

      Is there no end to this?   There  is deer season, turkey season, the sports.   I have to plan all vacations around these things! And still watch them on vacation.  Whats a wife to do this has went on for over 39 years soon 40.  
     But HE LOVES TO SHOP!!!   I really cannot complain.  GO HEELS!!!
  He also bought me a new Blue tractor  about a month ago(New Holland) or he said it was mine. To go with my wood splitter and bush hog. I work way too hard.  I have a bakery and he don't help except to delivery wedding cake. 

  Do you think that we should stop shopping next Saturday night just to watch a basketball game?

Don't like to cry over spelt milk, but,  we live 75 miles from I.U. and 30 miles from Purdue. Coach Painter put all his marbles in one bag last year, and thought he had the Zeller boy from Washington, Ind., and he slipped out of the state, and went to the Univ. of No. Carolina , ended up breaking his wrist, and didn't get to play at all. If,he had went to Purdue, no question about it we would have been in the final 4. He was the best player in the nation last year my opinion. We should be able to recruit these players in our own state.

Herby, even if you win this debate, it won't mean anything because the best Rager doesn't always win.  I could beat you nine times out of ten.

My real concern is what we're going to argue about when college basketball is over in a week.  I really don't care about Major League Baseball.  I think they're all a bunch of spoiled, overpaid, steroid juiced crybabies who won't even give a kid an autograph unless he pays for it.  Okay, I'm generalizing.  I'm sure that a lot of them are fine, upstanding citizens.  They're still overpaid compared to teachers, doctors, nurses, paramedics, policemen and policewomen, firefighters, auto parts dealers, and soldiers who risk their lives so that we can be free to have these pointless debates.  (Sorry, I know I left out a lot of worthwhile occupations.)

I suppose we could always go back to arguing about politics.  I'm sure that McCain could have won nine....... 

Oh, hi Julia.  I didn't realize that you got up this early.
LOL...Gary you're a funny guy. I wish I could match your intelligence and wit but I know when I'm licked.

I always enjoy debating with you. It's always in fun, and in good taste.

News flash....I agree with your discription of MLB players. I remember when Ozzie Smith signed a contract with the Cardinals for 1 mil....I about fainted. I remember my exact quote...."No baseball player is worth a Million bucks."
I stand by that today!!!!

I'm glad you and Katie like my stimulus package...welcome to the Republican Party....oops, did I say that!!!! Sorry Prez.
Oh, I think you can hold your own, Herby!  You're right, this is all just intended to be in fun and hopefully won't offend anyone.  Somebody has to keep things lively around here.  When I first started reading this board, there was no Dear Herby to kick around.  Julia was probably bored out of her mind.

People spend their hard-earned money so that the Prez will allow them to use the RHONDA VINCENT Message Board.  We have to give them a good show.

Julia, the one hundred dollar check is in the mail, so that will cover my message board privileges for April.
Dear Herby,

Your disdain for the Big Ten got me interested in doing some research to see what could be shown factually.  At great expense to the management and to enhance your viewing pleasure, I have been able to come up with the overall Big Ten won-lost records against the other major conferences.

Big Ten vs.

Big East 6-8
ACC   8-7
Big 12  7-4
SEC   2-1
Pac 10  3-1

There aren't enough games for these numbers to really prove anything, and so much of it depends upon who played whom and where.  However, this turns out to be very close to how I would rank the conferences.  The Big Ten is slightly below the Big East, slightly above the ACC, and clearly stronger than the other three. 

Thanks for your interest.
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