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Pamela (Irish Fan)
So sad!!

Wish them both all the best...
Good luck to both Kenny and Darrell! It's been a pleasure to talk to you both and especially to watch you perform. I know the best is yet to come for both of you.
Tom Alman
Rhonda you are gonna Bounce back better then ever. We have every confidence in you. When talking with Kenny this summer he had nothing but the utmost praise on how you did things. Lets wish all concerened the very best and look forward to lots more Rhonda and the Rage music in the future!!!


Kenny and Darell we in N.C. will miss you a lot. Good luck to both of you and we will surely miss you. Rhonda will find someone to do the job, she hasn't done such a bad job so far.


Wow, if I would've known Nelsonville would probably be the last time I was going to see both of you play live with the rage, I woul've payed better attention! I'll miss both of you so much, good luck in everything else you do in life!!

Sweet Brenda & Him
Good Luck Kenny & Darrell
I have been told when one Door close the next Door will open
Gary Kennedy

I would like to wish the very best to both Kenny and Darrell.....two wonderful musicians and two great guys!

I'm so incredibly sad to see the both of you go.  I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!  We love you guys very much!

Louis Gentile
Hi Rhonda &the Rage
I am going to miss you two guys who make up part of the RAGE for Rhonda
and support each other as you play the Banjo for Rhonda Kenny you are a gifted Banjo player And Darrel you are gifted as well you know I be the last
people you play for when I see Rhonda & the Rage on Nov.22 2008 I wish you
to guys good luck what ever you do please keep in touch Kenny & Darrell

Let me add my disappointment to hearing this news.  I haven't had an opportunity to see Darrell with Rhonda (except on TV), but I have seen Kenny, both in person and on TV and DVD.  Kenny is one of the smokingest and nicest banjo pickers around; his breaks are great, but his backup on "Muleskinner Blues" is a work of banjo art. Both will be sorely missed, but I'm sure Rhonda will have some new Ragers in place very soon, and they will hardly miss a beat. 

Kenny is THE banjo man, in my huble opinion, and he will be missed as a Rager. I hope that his distinctive banjo style won't disappear from the bluegrass world.

Darryl was fitting in nicely and he'll be missed too.

Rhonda - Don't lose heart or hope (like you ever would...) You will bounce back and the Rage will rage on.

We love you always, no matter what.

Charlie K

That is very disappointing to hear as they are both awesome musicians and nice guys and contribute so incredibly much to RVR. I wish the best for both of them and hope to run across them in the future at some festival here or there. I think they will be difficult to replace but whoever does replace them will bring something new and exciting to the Rage, I'm sure.

Good luck trying to replace Kenny... it can't be done.  He is not only the BEST banjo picker around, but the nicest guy you'll ever meet.  I'm gonna miss you Kenny.

And Darrell, even though I haven't had much of a chance to get to know you very well, I've enjoyed your pickin' and singin' too. 

Good luck to both of you!

  Kenny was (IS!!!) the  Man!  Best wishes Big K!   I'm really sorry to hear of the loss to the Rage!  Darrell, having been in his position for such a short time will be missed also!  A great musician as well as vocalist will leave Rhonda striving higher again!   BUT!  this IS the world of Bluegrass and I'm certain Rhonda will fill the shoes VERY effectivly!!!   

Tom alman
Gee! If I could only get that Seaweed eatin', Buckeye rootin', Lower management guy to give those getfiddle lessions I need, there would be no problem finding a new member of the Rage HEE! HEE!!!

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