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Don A

Well said, Herb!  My thoughts exactly. 

Why are fans being told they don't belong on the message board for wanting to know the truth?   Years of support and then told we don't belong?

The truth is that Kenny was let go because Rhonda wants to go "in a different direction."  

You can kick me off the board if you want.  Maybe that would give us a little more "truth".   Kenny Ingram is the best banjo player in bluegrass and deserved better.
for what ever reason they are leaving its  not our decision..i am sure it was a well though through decision...some things happen and its no ones bussiness...i am a fan of both kenny and darrel.. and i will be a fan to whom ever fills the spots...josh left  and things went well ... i am sure that none feels any worse than rhonda for losing these two great players... so we should be offering saport ....
rhonda i am sure who ever you get to fill the spots will be a great asset to the band...in plane words karen and i love you and your music...god bless kenny and darrel to where ever they go... to who ever joins the group... your joining the best bluegrass band on earth... god bless
scott and karen

I've been away for a while and I was very sad to hear that Kenny and Darrell were leaving the Rage.
I have been a fan of Kenny's for ''like forever''. I'm not that familiar with Darrell but I know he is great as well. I wish them both the best in whatever they will be doing next.

My very first thought of the reason why they were leaving was the same as Charlie K. That Kenny was retiring and Darrell didn't want to be away from his family so much. Rhonda has a grueling schedule and I'm sure being on the road and away from families so much was not an easy thing for them.
I'm sure Rhonda is as sad about this as all the Rager's are.
Rhonda will soon find two more great member's for her band .

I also agree with all that Tom said.
Rhonda we love you and will be praying for you.


is it true that hunter is going as well? thank you!

Julia "Prez"
Hunter Berry will begin his 8th year as a member of the Rage on 1/1/09.

Mickey Harris will begin his cumulative 8th year membership as well.
Sherry A

I was sad to hear that both Mr. Kenny and Darrell were let go. However, with all due respect to them as professionals and to Rhonda because this is her band, I agree that the business part of this decision is not our concern. Rhonda and The Rage, whomever they may be, will always be a class act. I don't know Mr. Kenny but I wish the best to such a gifted banjo player. Darrell is a very talented young man and he will continue to do what he loves, play music and take care of his family. Ragers will keep ragin'! Hope you all have a blessed night!

don NZ
Hello everyone...I reckon the " don " who commented in post  #47 should add his surname ,so not to be confused with myself, or any other of the " dons " on the message board.
You have an opinion, that`s fine .
Usually ,I wouldn`t comment on something that`s none of my business, but i travelled halfway across the world,twice, to see Rhonda Vincent and The Rage,I met several people that are on this board and hope to again,and certainly don`t want them thinking that those are my comments.
I`m a fan of Rhonda Vincent....and The Rage.....in that order.
I was a fan of Rhonda Vincent & Sally Mountain Show,before that.
I`ll  be a fan of Rhonda Vincent and Whoever her band may be in future.
And I do love Kenny`s Banjo and Darrel on Guitar,..there`s none better.
I  hope i`m not out of order,by writing,I just don`t want someone else`s posting, attributed to me,that`s all.
don nz

The Other Ed
Well said, don NZ.  I don't think there is anyone who would have confused the other don with you.  However, your comments express the feelings of so many people.  We all love Kenny and Darrell and what they've added to Rhonda's presence on stage.  They will be greatly missed.

The Other Ed

Well said, don NZ........Don A/ Agent 86 are not that "don" either.  People should at least put an initial after their first name if  it is the same as any other name on the message board. Most people on the board know who the two "Dons" are.  I thought I'd jump to defend my husbands name......
I know I probably didn't have to and he will, I am sure have something smart to say about it........Like you didn't have time to put the extra ice on the igloo or chew that whale blubber etc....but you had time to go on the computer.
I can see it now, a new chapter in the book.... 
A Wife's Duty on Defending Her "Good Man".
Sorry, I just needed to clarify.
Ann A/99/Ann eh

Don A (eh)
A Wife's Duty on Defending Her "Good Man".

 Wow, I'm impressed ..................... you've already read the rough draft for the new chapter in the revised edition of the "book".

Now that you've been to the dentist, filled the truck up with fuel, done the shopping, got the kids off to school, vacuumed the house, put a new set of strings on the banjo, and fed the pig ................... I thinks it's time for lunch.  I know you'll have it ready and on the table by 12 noon, I'll see you then (chapter 3, page 21, paragraph 2).

You make all men proud.

You're the best.
And THAT my friends is why I sent Rhonda (by horseback) to the igloo in Canada. I'm a "choir boy" when it comes to training women.
This guy is good!!!!!
someone who knows

playing in a band is the same as working a job, you don't make any money inless you are the owner!!!   THAT IS THE FACTS! maybe thats why they are going.

Depends which band you're playing in.  I doubt that's the case here.

Would anyone stay at a job for 7 years without making a good living??? 

I doubt it.

Uncle Pen's Friend
I don't think the meaning of this post was to figure out why or for what reason Darrell and Kenny are leaving the band.    Whether it on was on their terms or for other reasons.   I think this post was created by Herb to inform the Ragers of their departure at the end of the year.    It blows my mind how nasty people can be on a public forum and the way fingers are being pointed.    It's none of our business how much one makes or doesn't make.  And it really isn't any of our business why they are leaving.  

Surely I will miss Kenny and Darrell.   They are wonderful musicians and wonderful individuals.    I want to wish them the best in their future endeavors.    Our trip to Sellersville will be our last chance to see them perform with Rhonda and the Rage and we will enjoy every minute of it.  

Best Wishes Kenny & Kaye and Darrell & Amanda.   We will miss you!!!

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