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Jane H
You are so right UPF.
The Hughes household has been in a state of shock for awhile since learning that these RV+R changes were in progress. We are devoted fans of all of them together,and individually. The resistance to accepting the change is very strong on this MB, each time it occurs. We all get comfortable in our old skins. We all know the extreme talent of RV, she is also a very clever/wise business woman.  Her choice to alter her band make up after 7 years of magnificent shows I am sure had to be very deeply contemplated before she chose to do this. Although it will never be the same band we first knew, it is exciting that we will see RV's devotion to bluegrass in a different manner. Supporting her career growth and wishing her only the best in her endeavors comes truely from our hearts.
As for Big K, there are no words that make it easy to bid farewell to his placement in RV+R. He has become such a very special person to us, exemplifies a great work ethic and defines being a pure gentleman. He does have awfully big shoes to fill. Kaye is so very blessed. We wish he and Kaye only the very best and even more as he begins to write their next chapter.
Darrell, you have been a treasure to follow for the past year. You will succeed in all you do.We have enjoyed your wit and humour, and of course wide range of musical talents. Our wishes are only of good things to you and your lovely family. We look forward to seeing you and Big K down the road, without a doubt.
The show next week in New Hampshire will certainly be bitter sweet for us to attend.

someone who knows
poor betty, how many pro bands have you played in huh? what y'all don't see is that when your on the road you are working 100% of the time and away from your family's. so there for you are not making that much money. i have been in pro bands as good as the rage (AND I LOVE THE RAGE) but if you look at all that you are not making that good of a living. so betty if you work will you tell your boss that you will keep the same pay and your will go home one time a week ok? i will put it in your words    I DOUBT IT
                                      THANK YOU!!
I guess I am late again on this.

I will surely miss these two as well! Wishing them the very best success in all they pursue!

Scott in Buffalo
I wish Kenny and Darrell only the best for the future.  Over the past 30+ years I have played drums for many local bands, and have left bands for a number of reasons. Never have I burned any bridges behind me, and have been called upon many times to fill in with former bands regardless of the reason I left the band. I consider ALL of my former band mates "friends", and cherish moments with all of them.

To "someone who knows",   I played for a fellow one time who took the majority of the pay and paid us what he thought was fair for a side man. I worked full time (6 nights a week) for almost 3 years for him.  I was reminded once when I thought I wasn't being paid enough, that HE paid the booking agent's fees, HE paid for the bus and the gas for it, HE paid for hotels, HE secured  insurance on the equipment, HE paid the union travel dues, and HE paid to have our suits cleaned, and HE posted the bond at the Canadian border when we played up there.  I never questioned it again.  The only bands that everyone made the same money were the ones where EVERYONE shared the bills.  Fair enough for me!!!!!!  
Don Windsor

As a fan of Rhonda & Rage I share some of the same thoughts as others. We as fans must realize this is a hard time for Rhonda as well,so lets support Her in prayer as she is faced with decisions concerning her band and lively hood. Knowing Rhonda as I do, I know she will be seeking God for the right replacements ,therefore making her band as strong as ever. I am thankful to have known Kenny & Darell as well as Hunter & Mickey,they are like family,as I have always looked forward to seeing them and talking.So Kenny & Darell we wish you the best life has to offer,it's been great knowing you guys.And Rhonda keep on keeping on till Jesus comes, Don .ps looking forward to seeing you in January.

I agree with Herb--the band's business is just that--their's.  We fans do not have to know the details of their day in-day out decisions.  We get the benefit of their hard work and that's simply listening to great music wherever we may see them.  They are entertainers and they do that superbly.  To our benefit and their credit, they are also incredibly nice to their fans and admirers.  We can ask of nothing more than that.

I wish Kenny and Darrell all the best.  Changing band employers is commonplace in Bluegrass.  We see it all the time.  They will entertain us again somewhere down the road with other exceptional musicians.  There are so many in bluegrass...it never ceases to amaze me at the skill and talent out there.  I love so many of them and think Bluegrass is the music that best touches my heart and soul.  I can't wait to see Rhonda's new band....whoever you choose, Rhonda and Herb, will be incredible.  We already know that!

I still miss Josh. That collection of musicians and the music they played together will never be duplicated. I still watch my Ragin' Live DVD almost every week.

Al Henderson
Rhonda Vincent and The Rage IMHO means just that. Rhonda and Herb have chosen to have a band, work thier butts off managing it and they will run it as a benevolent business venture. The Rage will be made up of those that choose to work for the leader and it will be a good gig for all. Rhonda has never had a second rate player of any kind, ever. Maybe they didn't fit just right, but nevertheless they were top-notch players. None of us should expect any less.
It really doesn't matter to me if they were "let go" or "are moving to other things". Kenny and Darrell will land with very good bands if they choose to. Kenny may or may not retire. Darrell is young and may be balancing a young family versus life on the road. These are all decisions that we have all made in our lives. How many of us have been given 60 days notice before a change was made? Probably none of us. So for the anouncement to be made on 11/05 to take affect in January is a very nice way of running a business. This is plenty of time to go to plan B for all concerned. Everybody was taking off all of December anyway.
I've seen RV&TR every chance I have gotten since the spring of 2004, have been on 2 cruises with them and have purchased many items from them. In turn they have given me thier very best performance every time, always taken time for me as a fan afterwards, they have jammed in the parking ot with us and have eaten meals with us from time to time. What more could have anyone asked from the 7 time female vocalist of the year (or any other performer for that matter).
I am a fan of RV&TR and will continue to give my undying support both with my cheers from the audience and with my wallet.
As a side note, Aaron McDaris will probably be the next banjoist because that is what The Grascal's Myspace page states. I have been a fan of "Boo's" since he was with Larry Stephenson and have seen him even last month with The Grascals. He will bring a young energy to the band and a quiet demeanor. He has a "sweet sounding" banjo style and I know wil fit in quite well with the group. We await the official announcement of his joining on this board in the future.
We shouldn't use this board (supplied by RV&TR for free) as a venue to pry into personal things. We wouldn't appreciate that if someone was doing that to us, so let's not do it in return. Apply the Golden Rule, you'll sleep better at night if you do.
Al Henderson
Jacksonville, FL
I'm sure the new version of the Rage will be perfect for this stage of Rhonda's continued progression. Aaron McDaris is a great banjo player, and will add a new sound to the band- although I will miss the signature sound of Kenny Ingram. His pickin on 'Ragin Live' will be a standard for the ages,in my opinion.

Take care...Greg
dick beckley
It never ceases to amaze me the way bluegrass bands exchange and trade off band members. I realize some of these changes are inevitable and are sometimes predicated on things other than musical. But I can't understand a band of the stature and popularity  of the Rage not doing everything in it's power to keep Kenny Ingram in the band. He is truly the biggest part of the signature sound of the Rage.
Down thru Bluegrass history the all time great bands were recognized for their own distinctive sound, which, for the most part was accomplished by keeping a tight  knit group of regular members in the band. True, some changes are expected in all groups, but that special sound is almost always captured when a group has played together for quite a while and all the musicians compliment each other's style. Such has been the sound of RV and the Rage during Kenny's tenure with the group.
I wish Rhonda luck in the new band configuration, but seriously doubt the sound will ever approach that which she had with this group, again.
Dick Beckley
Pamela(Irish Fan)

^ Thanks for your support Dick (insert sarcasim)


Don't get me wrong, I love the Kenny Ingram style of banjo, BUT it's not the new style....Aaron McDaris is the closest thing out there to Ron Stewart, who is the hottest banjo player right now and in my opinion that is why Rhonda made the switch...don't know much about the guitar player but I imagine it's along the same lines.  Regardless Rhonda is still the star of her show and will emerge the queen of bluegrass that she is!


Amen Carolyn

Doug and Pat
So sad.. So Sad.  Pat and I saw the show at American Corner Saturday night and I briefly talked to Kenny about his picture being in Bluegrass Unlimited "30 years" ago and on the back cover.  I just wish I had thought to bring this with me and have him autograph both pages.  We both love his quiet gently demeanor.  He is the best, the very best.  He does not get nearly the credit he deserves just because he is so humble... this is what makes him great.  Yes and Daryll was such a gentleman, pleasant with fans and also a flexible musician with a promising future. He fit in behind Josh and sure knows how to make a guitar ring out.  Missed Sally Mountain this year but At least I was able to see these two this past week.  I have this to be thankful for.
Doug and Pat
sorry Darrell... should have done the spell check - I do know better but was in a rush to voice my support of everyone concerned... loved your work.  Pat and I never leave a show and looking at the bus and think how hard it is to be away so much.  Best of love and our support to all.
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