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With great pain, I announce the departures of longtime banjo player Kenny Ingram, and guitarist Darrell Webb from the Rage effective December 31, 2008.

Kenny and Kaye have been loyal supporters of Rhonda Vincent for the past 7 years, and will be sorely missed by all of us. A consumate professional, and a legend in the bluegrass world.

Darrell Webb for the past year has been a great person to travel with and has performed admirably. I couldn't ask for anything more than what these 2 gentlemen have brought to our organization and family of friends.

We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors. Replacements will be announced at a later date. We ask you for your continued support for the band, Rhonda, and these 2 fine gentlemen.
John S
Steph and I loved watching Kenny play his banjo, and my mother-in-law who swears she hates the sound of a banjo said 'That Kenny guy is different, I like him.'
I was blown away the one and only time we saw Daryl up in Walnut Creek last year ... Little Maggie was totally off the hook!
I pray these changes will be the best for everyone concerned.
DJ Morgan
I am saddened to hear that Kenny Ingram , the Legendary Kenny Ingram. will no longer be a member of The Rage effective Dec. 31.  I've enjoyed his pick'n since his days with Lester Flatt & Jimmy Martin.  IMO, there is no that can put drive into bluegrass more than Kenny.  His picking is impecable.  He is the master of taste, timing and tone.  Most of all he is one of the kindest and sweetest guys in the world. Always willing to talk bluegrass and banjos. This is truly a sad day.  He leaves behind big shoes to fill.  I for one am sorry he is leaving.
Raynae Redman
I'm sad to see such a great banjo player and more importantly great person leaving your band.  Kenny is well known throughout the bluegrass world as a legend.  I've always felt that his banjo drive was a major force for good with your band.  In our bluegrass industry, integrity is very important and Kenny emulated this charateristic in all he did.  I for one am very sad to see him leaving "The Rage" and for me, it will never be the same without him. 
When Darrell was added to your band I felt like he was the perfect fit also.  So for both of these two to be leaving saddens my heart. 
Tom Alman
I publicly want to say that Kenny will truly be missed. I have enjoyed our conversations over the years. Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with me in June. We had a very nice talk. Please feel free to let us know what your future plans are. You are without a doubt the best picker and nicest guy going. Best of luck to both Kenny and Darrel in their new endevers! Kenny send me an email anytime!!!


A sad day!

Wow! I must say that I would have thought that San Diego State would have won the BCS National Championship before Kenny ever left The Rage.  That's some big shoes to fill! You'll be missed, Big K!

- Bama


I want to wish BIG K and Darrell the very BEST!!!!!!!

OMG!!!! I can't believe it.  Big K is part of the family now!  How can this be.  Oh nanny is going to be crushed.  I will have to break the news slowly and maybe after a cocktail.  shoot.  I wish both these guys the best of luck.  We are really going to miss you all. 


Such incredibly sad news this morning.  In all my years of "ragin", I truly thought this "Rage" was the most entertaining group of guys Rhonda has had.  Kenny is just a legend and Darrell a terrific all-around talent and both so very nice to visit with.  I wish them both luck in their future endeavors.  I only wish I could make a November show to see them together one last time.

Ann A (eh)

Don & I would like to add "Ditto" to Susan's message only with a little change We want to wish BIG K and Darrell the very BEST!!!!!!! 


Second Comment:  Renegotiate and keep everyone happy!

Robert Hall

I agree, it IS incredibly sad news,to read here this morning that Kenny will not be a part of "The Rage" anymore!..two BAD NEWS mornings in a row,this week is not turning out well at all!..

I don't mean to leave Daryll out,He too is a talented performer, and he will also be greatly missed--but having only seen him with the Rage once since he joined the band,his departure wont be as devastating to me as Kenny's will,it just wont seem right not to see Kenny up there on the stage..just as it seems strange not to see Josh there as well,after getting used to seeing him there for years as well..

I don't care who Kenny's "replacement" will be,as far as I'm concerned he CANT be replaced,he is THE best Bluegrass Banjo player ever,and anyone trying to fill his shoes never will,in my opinion..

The "Big K" is a heck of a nice guy to talk too also,I feel blessed to have been able to have a few conversations with him after concerts.. many band's members simply disappear after a show and you never get to meet them,but that was not the case with Kenny or any member of "The Rage"..

While I'm very sad to hear Kenny is leaving,I'm sure he's tired of being on the road so much,and wants to spend more time with his family ..I cant blame him ,none of us are getting any younger..it has to be a hard life,always being on the go..didn't Kenny come out of retirement, to play with the Rage??..I guess we have to be thankful he did,and got to see him so many times..
I probably never would have heard Kenny's picking, if he hadn't decided to join Rhonda's band..

I wish I were able to see Rhonda and the band in a few weeks in NH,but I doubt I'll be able to get there now,things here are NOT going well for me at all--I wont elaborate,I'm sure everyone here is sick of hearing me whine about my circumstances,and it wont help anyway..it will hurt much more now to miss that show, knowing it would be my last chance to see Kenny and Daryll perform with Rhonda..

I hope this is all the bad news I get this week--not sure if I can take any more,every day just gets worse here...

Bud & Fran
This is very sad news, indeed.   We wish Kenny and Darrell the very best in their future.   Both will definitely be missed.


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