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Mostly when you post something, you draw a smile on my face. This time however... I don't like you to be the messenger of bad news. Kenny I've met before..several times I was out there in the audience.. Alas not with "The Ragers" An admirable musician, sorely missed by the crew, the audience...everyone....including myself.

I haven't met Darrell, but I've heard him at work....All I can say is that you could hear the chemistry was there. I hope both find their way into the future they have chosen! All the best!

What a tough job to find replacement!! Good luck with that job!




DID i MISS SOMETHING? Am I the only one wondering what Kenny and Darrel are moving on to? Two very talented musicans for sure.    David


The grass is bluer on the other side!!!!  

Ed Hutson
A lot of mixed emotions with the news of these two wonderful people moving on.  Darrell and Kenny's present on stage with the Rage will definitely be missed.  There is no doubt at all that Rhonda will find someone who is equally capable as these two masters of their trade. 

What can anyone say about the "legendary" Kenny Ingram?  He is to Banjo players banjo player.  There are none that can compare.  Good luck and God Bless, Kenny!

I will be a Darrell Webb fan as long as I draw a breath.  From the first time I seen him at the gazebo in Pigeon Forge, TN, listening to him sing with Dolly, listening to Wildfire, then to be fortunate enough to see his performances with Rhonda and the Rage.  I wish him God's speed.   


I'm very sad to find out this news. I'm really glad I got to meet both of you at Sally Mountain when I did.

You are my FAVORITE banjo player! I was really excited that you looked at my new Kel Kroydon banjo in MO, and spent some time to talk to me about it. I really value your opinion. I'll miss seeing you in the Rage, but I wish you good luck.

I was so happy to be able to meet you in MO. It was really cool to watch you play my banjo, and I want you to know that you can play it anytime if we ever cross paths again. I think your a great musician, and it was really an honor to meet you. I wish you good luck for the future.

Michelle (from MA)

I didn't know Darrell that well as much as I know Kenny.  It will be hard for me not seeing Kenny up on the stage with this band.  We have all gotten spoiled listening & seeing Big Kenny do his magic with that banjo of his.  It will be hard for me to imagine anybody else playing the banjo for Rhonda.  I wish both of them the best of luck.

Jon Basham
Did the boys leave or were they let go? Sounds a little funny to me.
Charlie K

I have a hunch that Kenny is retiring and Daryl needs to spend more time at home with his young family. Kenny has been on the road with Rhonda for many years. Being on the road is boring, lonely and taxing. Especially if you have a wife and young kids at home like Daryl. I really don't know but I have a hunch that that is the reason for the departures.


Why is it such a big secret why these two incredible men are leaving?  I don't think we are being presented with the truth.  I don't think Big Kenny was ready for retirement.  Rhonda and Herb, you are known for being such fine christians-  Why don't you tell the truth?

Tom Alman
C-mon, cut a little slack. Rhonda and he Rage don't have to consult with us on who plays in the band. If Kenny and Darrell are happy, I'm happy! Rhonda will do the right thing by them and anyone else she decides to hire. If I'm wrong, then I stand corrected. We look forward to much more music from
Rhonda and the Rage!!!


What if Kenny and Darrel are not happy with the decission?  This is a time when our economy is really bad, and they both have families to support.  Of course Rhonda has the right to decide who will be in the band, but I agree with Ruby-  are we getting the whole story?

Well, Well....... We've been sick and out of commison for the past few days with sinus infections and haven't been able to be on the computer, and we thought that we were feeling better until we checked the message board.  No antibiotics can cure this!!!!
We were shocked to read this post!!! We have been "Ragers" for several years and have been fortunate to be able to see RVR many times over the last few years.  We have fond memories!!!!!!
Big K, you will be soooo missed!!!!!!! Thanks for your dedication and superb pickin'. Best of luck to you and your wife.
Darrell, we just absolutely love your talent and you will be greatly missed.  Guess we'll just have to play "Rough Edges" on our CD player until we find out what the future holds for you! Enjoy your family, especially that sweet little girl of yours. We won't forget the first time that we met her at the N.C. Fair and she was playing in the dirt! 
Okay Mickey,You better stay where you are!!! Or you will be in the "Dog House Blues."
Well, we'll close for now,
(michael, tracie, and ryan) 
OH YEAH!!!!!! Hunter you better not go anywhere either!!!! Didn't mean to leave you out!!!! Just still in shock!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you with all of our hearts
(michael, tracie, and ryan) 
Ruby and Cheryl,

I don't really know who you are, and normally wouldn't respond to you. But, in this case I will to some degree.

Tom pretty much hit the nail on the head. We ALWAYS take care of those who are, and have been close to us. This is no exception. As I said before, Kenny and Kaye Ingram are dear friends of ours, and Amanda and Darrell have been a joy to be around and an asset to our organization.

All business decisions are handled internally, and are not divulged to the public. I would hope what ever job, or business you are involved in, would be handled in the same way. This is the professional way of doing things. All the Rage are professional folks and deserve all the respect that you, and I can give them. Getting into why's or why nots serves no purpose to anyone other than those who wish to spread gossip, or untruths. We don't chose to participate in that.

IF, you truly are a fan of Rhonda Vincent and The Rage, you will be able to understand and respect those wishes. IF, you aren't, then you have no business on this board, and I would ask you to take your opinions somewhere else.
Kim From MO

Wow, sick and out of contact for 3 days, just checking to see what's going on and I find Herb's email.  I can only say, Rhonda and the Rage, you are and always will be my favorite.  Whatever the situation is, I hope this is good for all involved.  Kenny Ingram, you are the best.  I wish you the best in all you do.  Darrell Webb, you are awesome.  I also wish you the best in your future endeavors.  And as for us Ragers, we'll just have to wait and watch to see what happens next!

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