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Doug and Pat
I am also sure whatever the "reason(s)" for any such change in "family" - business relationships was VERY difficult for Rhonda as she was raised to be (and is) a caring lady.   I also know all parties will land on their feet and do well in the future.  True talents such as was demonstrated here can never be denied. 

don nz, herby, and several others who expressed similar sentiments we want to say ditto. We love Rhonda and whoever the Rage may be. The Goodmans

John Huffman

I hated to see Josh Williams leave and now Kenny's gone it is going to be hard to get back into it...........we'll see..........Good Luck!


For those of you who have never heard Aaron McDaris on the banjo, you are in for a great treat. He truely has blue grass in his soul. While we will all miss the ones that are moving on, we will welcome the new ones with an open heart.

Dianne In VA

I'm in shock.  Words escape me right now.

The Newest Rage will be fine-we all know that,and Rhonda Vincent will always be Rhonda Vincent. I suspect that we are in for a treat. I hope the new shows will allow for some jamming(no,it doesn't need to be Newgrass),instead of just 12-15 2minute and 49second songs!

Take care....Greg
Susie R
Herb & Rhonda and The Rage..... the Rage has always been professional and wonderful . . the additions can only compliment this great Bluegrass Band and good friends.  I know it is hard to teach old dogs new tricks . . but by the time the Sally Mountain Festival rolls around . . .The Rage will be great again.  Mark my words.

Love ya all, Susie R

Ross Beverley

After my father replaced Bill Harrell with Don Reno and the Tenn Cut-ups, I watched longtime members leave like Ed Ferris, Buck Ryan and new ones come along like Steve Wilson. History will show that all the great ones get good talent cause talent wants to be with talent. Rhonda has once again gotten a hold of good talent. Did anyone plan on Hunter Berry being so good after Michael Cleveland?  Look how many people played with Bill Monroe...Rhonda Vincent and the Rage will not miss a beat..Still the best Bluegrass Female artist of all time. Can't wait to hear the new sound...


AMEN!  RHONDA and the Rage are the Best!!

Dean the Boston Boy
Just my voice here...

Rhonda is who I support. I loved Kenny and Darrell, and bought their solo CD's. BUT - there have been Rage changes before.

I know that Rhonda will always surround herself with the best musicians, whether they're seasoned pros or newcomers. Folks, personnel changes are part and parcel of this music - just ask Sammy Shelor and Doyle Lawson, for starters.

In any event, I hope this was done with as little enmity as possible, and that everyone is taking a positive approach to these changes. I can't imagine that isn't the case, knowing how much Rhonda cares about people. But she also has to take care of herself.

I love you Rhonda, no matter what!


I haven't been to the Board for a while and was amazed to see how many more comments had been added to this thread!  There was a "small notation" in Country Weekly magazine about the changes in the Rage.  Gee, I wish CW would do a full article on RV&R instead of little "notations" here and there, like crumbs for Bluegrass fans.  How about we all email CW and ask for an article complete with the Band's pic on the front of the magazine.  Wishful thinking for a magazine that tends to be Kenny Chesney and Taylor Swift acolytes.  Just my opinion of course.


Thank you, Billboard.
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