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Jim Hughes

Good morning everyone...
It is hard to express how much my heart aches after learning of Eds (PopPops) passing.   Jane posted yesterday on behalf of our family but, I wanted to add my own message.   It has taken some time to gather my thoughts...   Sadly, time does not make reality any easier to deal with.
What a wonderful human being Ed always seemed to be.   Never a complaint or unkind word.   The true definition of "gentleman" is what seems most appropriate.
Josh put it out there so well...    As I read what Josh posted, it was as though I was standing next to Ed as I had a number of times over the years, and I could hear him speaking those very words.       He was sincere and caring.   He cared deeply for his "Rager Family" and, was always so happy to reconnect with all of us.   One time I remember that I was talking with 2 or 3 folks and realized that Ed was standing nearby by himself.    My talk with the people lasted 5 or 6 minutes.   When they walked away Ed came over to say hello and catch up.   He said he did not want to miss the opportunity to say hello to a friend!   H could have walked away and tried later but, he didn't.   He waited!
The Adams Family

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Linda and the family. 

Gary Kennedy
I am terribly saddened by the loss of our dear friend Poppop.  I had the good fortune to attend quite a few RVR shows along with Ed, and he was one of those guys who you were always happy to see.  He was definitely one of the nicest people that I've ever met, but even that seems like an understatement. 

Ed was a truly great man, in a very kind and humble way.  He and I were usually among the first to arrive at a show, so I had the privilege of talking with him many times.  I remember waiting outside the Sellersville Theatre with Ed one time.  He was laughing at me for wearing about four sweatshirts and a heavy winter coat while he stood there in a short sleeve shirt.  He kept telling me that it wasn't cold and I kept telling him that I could see his breath when he talked.

Ed also used to laugh at me for being so excited about the concert we were about to attend.  I can still hear him saying to no one in particular, "He's not right".  However, I have absolutely no doubt that Ed was every bit as excited as I was.

Rest in peace, my friend.  You will be greatly missed.
Here is a nice tribute to Ed from the Fire Company he used to work for http://www.susquehanna5.com/fullstory.php?100970
Jim again...

I was in the middle of a thought earlier today with my other post and hit the send button before I really intended to...
Anyhow, it was always such a pleasure meeting up with Ed someplace and "catching up with each other".   It was always a great time!
One of those that meant the most to me and, I am pretty sure was equally important to Ed was what Josh mentioned in his post...   It was Rhonda's military tribute on the Opry stage at the IBMA awards in 2007.   Rhonda did TILL THEY CAME HOME while joined on stage by past and present members of all branches of our Military.    Ed and I were two of the men and women who were honored and priveledged to be asked by Rhonda to be a part of such a special moment on the Opry stage.    I have fond memories of standing back stage with Ed in the staging area while waiting for our cue to get ready.   He was so proud to be among such of fine group and in a small way representing our Country.     After the show we again got together backstage and compared notes with tears in our eyes after being a part of something so moving and special.   It was a powerful moment and thankfully one I will never ever forget, one of my most special memories of Ed.   He was SO PROUD!!!!
I know that Ed (PopPop) will be so truly missed by all of us here in the Hughes Family.         Rest in Peace with God in Heaven Ed....
Your friend...
The Ol' Dawg

For those of you who may not have known Poppop well, here's a face to go along with the name. Ed asked me to take this pic of him and Linda on a very special day. That would be the wedding day of Our Very Own Julia and Richard. Ed joked that he needed to have a picture of himself in which he wore a suit - I knew that he was really just proud of Linda and wanted a picture of them together on this special day in Nashville. This was taken in front of the Ryman, after the wedding, and before the RV&R Bluegrass at the Ryman show that followed. After hearing the sad news, I remembered this picture and looked for it until I found it again. It brought a smile to my face and some wonderful memories of a good friend - I hope it does the same for Y'all.


rvryman2007102LargeWebview-1.jpg Ed "Poppop" and Linda Rosenkrans picture by dawgdom

Mike Garlock
Thanks Dawg,

    I remember that day like it was Yesterday.  Thanks for the Picture and I'm sure Richard would say the same?  Mike G.
Robert Hall
I didn't know Ed ,but I'm saddened none the less, to hear yet another of the Ragers has passed on..my condolences to Linda and her family on their loss..all of us here share your grief..

Gary Kennedy

Thanks for the picture, Dawg.  So many great memories of a great friend and a great man.

It's always sad to lose a great friend.  I read the tribute on the fire company page that Julia posted.  If anyone is considering attending his funeral, do it.  If you've never attended a fireman's then be prepared.  Nobody pays tribute to a fallen brother like fellow firemen.  May he rest in peace on earth as he celebrates with the angels in heaven.
Mary C. and Jim

We are sad to hear of the loss of our Rager friend Ed. He was a true gentleman. It was our privilege to get to know him. We were at the military tribute at the IBMA awards and as Jim Hughes said Ed could not have been prouder. Linda and family will be in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. May their special memories of Ed help to comfort them.

Ed was a blessing to all that knew him.  I'm truly saddened by his passing.
Mickey Harris

I am so sad to here about PopPop. He was always so nice to me and the band. If we pulled into a show and he was there he would be there quietly helping us unload and lending a hand. I can't count the times that I would be in a bay on the bus handing things out and there he was just smiling.He was the same after the show, there til everything was loaded. I always told him "you paid to get in you sure don't have to help us" but thats not the way he saw it I guess. I tried to always say thanks because it meant so much. He was always a pleasure to be around and I'll miss him very much. So Thanks Again very loudly for being such a good friend. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. 

We are very saddened to hear this news. 
You will never find greater people than PopPop and Linda. 

His honesty unmatched. Always joyful. But especially ready for a laugh; and always when it was at the expense of our Prez.  But all in fun.

He's logged enough hours working at the Martha White boutique to be a member of the Rage.  

An emptiness is left at his passing; but our hearts fill with hope in knowing we'll be greeted by PopPop as we enter heaven's gates.
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