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There you go showing your teeth again Prez....Someday I'll figure a way to get that "delete button" away from you. I'm not sure I will know how to operate it, but I'll get it.

This I want to watch
Grand Marshall

Changing topics again.....

Kimberly, I know that this is going to be terribly disappointing for you, but I promised Patty that I wouldn't do that song any more.  It was making her look bad because so many of you musical experts seemed to prefer my version.  However, I've been singing a lot of Avril Lavigne songs lately.  You've always been such a loyal fan, so I hope that you'll enjoy them as much as you liked my earlier work.  It all started when I accidentally bought one of Avril's CDs.......

Let Go cover

Ok since everyone is so insistent on talking politics on the Rhonda Vincent Message Board, I say we all go and VOTE FOR RHONDA!!!!!

Country Weekly is running a poll to see what artist you would like to see more of in 2009. They have as choices: Dierks Bentley, Blake Shelton, Gretchen Wilson and Other.

Ok Ragers......Let's go vote "Other" and write in Rhonda's name!!!!


Tom Alman
Now there is a candidate even us bleeding hearts can stand behind LOL!!!

Okay, I did my patriotic duty.  Now can we get back to discussing football on the RHONDA VINCENT Message Board?

I won't have time to provide this board with common sense tomorrow, so I'm hoping that Brother Tom will be available for double duty.  I have to spend the entire day at The Murph for four high school football games.

It's just crazy how thay decide the football championships here.  At the end of the regular season, the top 16 teams in each division are placed in a tournament.  Then they have these things called playoff games, with the winner of each game advancing to the next round.  It doesn't matter whether the final score is 3-2 or 62-21, if you win you advance.  The championship games in each division are tomorrow.  I don't even know who's playing, but it seems like it's the same schools every year.  Hopefully, somebody will start to spread the wealth around soon!
GLK, Have fun tomorrow at the HS playoffs. Here in Mo. HS football is as important as a Rhonda Vincent concert. But, the answer is no...(before you ask) you can't count those 4 games as RV concerts.

BTW...I'm not familiar with Avril Lavigne, but it looks like the pants she bought at Wal Mart were too big. Won't they exchange them for her? If you keep your receipt here in Mo. they will exchange them. I do it every year the day after Christmas.


I'm not familiar with Avril Lavigne, but it looks like the pants she bought at Wal Mart were too big

      That may be the only size they could find when she finally left the homeless shelter/rehab.
Tom Alman
I'm on duty whenever you need me GLK LOL!!!

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