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I know she will be able to take the Heat after Sally Mt
Charlie K
I copied this thread and mailed it to Mackenzie a couple of weeks ago because I thought she would enjoy everyone's comments. Today I received a letter from her and she said to say hi to everyone on the mb and tell everyone that she is doing well. She thought the comments were "sweet". She is very homesick but is still "kicking butt". She thinks that the toughest part is over and if she made it this far, she will make it the rest of the way. She said that one day they were taken to an obstacle course that she said looked pretty dangerous. One girl fell and broke her heel. But she was the only person in her group of 15 that made it all the way through!! She says the rifle range is coming up and she is getting excited cuz she's "gonna show 'em all what Annie Smokely is all about". That's her "alias" at the shooting club where she learned to shoot as a youngster. Anyway, I thought some of you would like to hear that she is "kicking butt" at Marine boot camp. I am extremely proud of her.
That is Great! Thanks for the update.
Ann & Don A

Charlie.....thanks for the Mackenzie update, we have been wondering how she was doing.  She's one tough cookie that girl.  Tell her the Canadians say HELLO, EH and KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!  We are all very PROUD of her!

SO good to hear she is doing well!   Let her know we're all rooting for her!
Jim & Mary G

We are rooting for her. Please let her know we all care regularly and please keep up the updates now and then, thanks.

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