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Yes, even though it's very early here in Missouri for the fish to be biting real good, the 70 degree weather got my Dad into thinking it was time to hit the water.

He called yesterday, and said he wanted to go catch a few pre-spawn bass to put in our neighbors pond. (For those of you who have been on the Sally Mountain Tour, it's the "noodle" lady next door.)

So, I got up early today, and we headed off to the lake. Caught 6 nice females with eggs, and headed back to the pond to release them. I carried the bucket down to the waters edge (which was slick and muddy) the next thing I knew, my feet were straight up in the air, and my fanny was in the lake. WOW...that water is COLD. I thought we were going to need a tow truck to get me out. Everytime I tried to get up, back into the water I went. I finally crawled out and walked home to change. I know how the guys from the "polar bear club" feel now.

To top everything off....I didn't even catch a fish. Dad caught all of them. I didn't even get a bite!!!!

Sure hope the rest of my day is as good as the start.
Your Dad didn't happen to video tape any of this did he??????
Jay Wingfield

Herby- you didn't tell us the most important part.... what happened to the  fish in the bucket ?

Mike Garlock
Hi Herb,

    Rhonda must be home to blow you in, cause there are some things Julia shouldn't know about!  Mike G.
earl austin
Call me an eternal optimist Herb, but yesterday on the way up here, I stopped by Wal Mart & bought about 6 or 7 various lures, spinners, crankbaits, etc from the "clearance" box Hopefully I'll get a chance to use them--preferably take them out of some fishes' mouths..


Some people will do anything to win that $100,000 on America's Funniest Home Videos........

sherry f
that is just way to funny herby i am laughing so hard i have tears
wish there was a video of this

Jane H
  First, let me say,I sincerely hope you are ok, tomorrow a.m. you might be a little achy after that fall. I had the same thing happen while on vacation,a bluegrass festival too,on the banks of the Delaware River in '97,I wasn't so lucky, I broke my arm. Guess the luck of the Irish must have been w/you today
Sure do wish there was a video, I have to admit, the more I read your story,the more I laughed !


Thanks for the laugh Herby!
Thanks for your concerns. I'm fine, and so are the fish. When my feet went up in the air, the fish followed. They did a triple reverse back flip, and landed safely in the water. Me, I just did half a back flip, and landed in the water. No style points were given by the fish, or Dad.

I did ask Dad why he wouldn't give me a hand and help me out of the water. He said he didn't want to get wet too.  

Goes to prove 1 thing....with age comes wisdom!!!
Kimberly Williams


Goes to prove 1 thing....with age comes wisdom!!!

But in your case...Age just came by itself!!

ROTFL....thank you Kimberly!!!!!

Uh-Hem...I'm sure glad I can provide you with entertainment today ladies.

It never ends either...I thought I would whip up a batch of brownies tonight. After mixing everything together, I thought some nice Georgia pecans would just top them off.

In the freezer was a whole sack full of them. I got some out, and proceeded to put them into a plastic bag to crush up. I smacked the bag against the kitchen counter, and it broke, and pecans went everywhere. I swept them up off the floor.

I filled another bag, and got a hammer out to break them up.  

So you see, I do get smarter with age. In five minutes, I figured out that busting pecans in a plastic bag against the counter is NOT the way to do it

The moral of this story is....If my wife was home to do all this womans work, I wouldn't make such a mess.
Kimberly Williams
Herby....meet Kharma!  (You're new best friend) 
Kim from MO
I'm sorry you fell, hope you're doing ok (for real!).  I have to admit, I had to laugh, especially after your 2nd post! 
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