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If your in the Kirksville Area....head for the cellar or basement.

Mom said the Greentop tornado sirens have already gone off.

Adair County, Schuyler, Sullivan, and Putnam Counties.

Time to go to the basement........

OH BOY...a tornado has touched down just West of Novinger, heading our way.

Storm Spotter

86 & 99

Be safe!!!!!

It's hitting right NOW!  Pouring rain and wind.

The tornado sirens are going off in Kirksville.

I took this photo of the tornado line, as we watch the sheet of rain race towards us.

Storm is here
Electric keeps going off and on....

not sure how much longer we'll have electric.

Dean Eaton

I don't need my friends blowing away, thanks so much...
Goodness Girl....are you guys ok???? Stay safe, we really don't need the photos, get in the basement!!!

I just heard about the damage and they said there might be some injuries also.  Hope you are alright where you are.  The channel 9 news team is on their way to see the damge so I am sure we will be seeing pictures.  They said it was near Wallmart and it hit a car dealership. Hopefully you are all in the clear now.


How is everyone in the Kirksville area? I know that the electric lines are down along 63 HWY according to KTUFF radio and some houses are damaged.

I meant to say HWY 6.  I just spoke to Carolyn. She said that they have been out of electricity since 6. She had talked to Rhonda and they were OK.
Some roads were blocked from debris.

Thanks for the report Lynn. I've been worried about them. I saw on the news that a tornado touched down near Kirksville. I pray that everyone in the area is ok.
I just heard from Rhonda. The damage is pretty bad in Kirksville and the roads are shut down.

KTUFF radio just said that 1 person west of Kirksville has died from the storms. There are also people trapped in their basements. They are asking for everyone to stay away from the area so emergency workers can get in.


  Thank goodness that I'm in Ohio! Although our powers went off a couple of times this Spring , if we get a tornado anytime soon , I'm sure ill be in our music room (downstairs) playing our instruments

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