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STORMY Kirksville
We tried to drive to Aunt Charlene's house to see if she was okay.
The major damage to Kirksville was right by her house. They have all roads closed in or out of Kirksville.  We couldn't get close to her house, due to gas leaks; and she lives by Robertson Chevrolet on the North Side of town.

We are told Charlene is okay, but was very shook up. 

Robertsons is gone, so they say; along with lots of damage to the brand new houses in the North subdivision.

In Novinger, just across from where Herb Sr USED to live, it took the roof and all the windows out of the house right across the street, and blew the next house completely away.

Here's a photo of the Wire Rope Company. It tore off their West wall.

And the next building, it took off the roof.

OH MY!!!

I just got home and found out about this! I am SO glad to hear that the Sandkers and Vincents are doing ok. My prayers go out to all of those affected by the storm!


Glad everybody is ok! Stay safe! 

jenny f

glad you all are ok!

Brenda A

Thoughts and prayers to all in Kirksville and the surrounding areas. Glad that Rhonda and the family are safe!!

Mary C.

Glad your Aunt Charlene is okay! Thank you for keeping us updated. Prayers are being said for all those affected by the storms.

Whew....missed me by that____much. The tornado hit 2 miles west of my house, went back up in the air when it encountered the hills, went right over the top of my house, then dropped back down just a few 100 yards east of us. For those who have been here, it touched back down at the Humane Society (Dog Pound) and continued its westward track on flat ground. It was only about 200 yds wide. It destroyed Jim Robertson Chevrolet, and didn't even blow a shingle off of Home Depot. Go figure. Several homes, and 1 death. Hwy 63 in and out of Kirksville is closed. Hwy 6 west is closed at Novinger. I feel like I'm on an island.

I've ordered a private jet to get the Queen out of Kirksville tomorrow, so she can make the shows this weekend. It comes with luxury. Chippendales fanning her, and feeding her grapes and Bon Bons. This should make the flight to Nashville comfortable for her.

Since tomorrow is Thursday, ( a National Holiday for golfers in Kirksville) I've also ordered a horse and buggy to get her to the Kirksville airport to catch that private jet.

Good luck to you and yours.
Bon Bons and Chippendales?!?!?!

Can that flight swing through Louisiana and pick me up?
Robert Hall

I'm very relieved to read here you and your family escaped the tornado!..

I had heard a little while ago on the weather channel about the storm,and when Stephanie Abrams said one death had been blamed on the storm in Kirksville MO,my heart sank,and I started praying for you and your family and friends.my prayers go out to all who were affected by the storms..

The damage sounds extensive,and the photos you took prove it!..please dont put yourself in any danger !..I hope none of your property or possessions were damaged in the storm!..I see more could be headed that way tonight too..do you have a storm shelter or "safe room" in your house?..

Prayers to you all out there..hope you are able to fly out safely tomorrow and the airport wasn't affected..take care and God bless!..


Mike B
Rhonda & Herb - I'm so glad to hear you guys are OK!  Tornado warnings are a fact of life here, but they still scare me after all these years. 
Julia - don't worry...you will be a pro storm watcher in a couple of years after you move down South.
Thanks so much Robert.
We are very thankful to be safe, and no damage.

Mike B

WOW!!!  I just looked at the radar.  That same storm system extends all the way from Texas to Ohio.  Might be a long day today!

Sweet Brenda
So glad all of you are fine.  

Stay safe, see you this weekend.
Woke up this morning to the news about the twister going right through Kirksville!  We are so thankful that you all are safe!  Our prayers will be with those who were damaged by the twister! Got to work now
(michael, traci and ryan) 
Kim From MO
sure glad to hear our Kirksville folks are all ok!  We got rain and wind here in Jeff City but nothing major.  Kirksville was the target for this storm unfortunately.  Glad to hear you all escaped with no damage.

Kim from JCMO
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