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Just read the story about the tornadoes. Glad to hear that you and yours are safe. Will be keeping everyone in my prayers.........

Was it close to Truman State?  Sydney has a friend from Coweta that goes there.
Greg Bennett

Rhonda,glad you and everyone else are OK.I thought of you all when I saw on the weather channel that Kirksville was getting the tornado.You,and everyone else in Kirksville are in my prayers.

I have been busy working on a wedding this week. Just heard of the tornado had to turn around from going to town to check on everyone.
   Thanks for all the posts.  I was also relieved that all of your family are safe .  praying for all involved.
         Rhonda , I knew Herb would see that you got to the airport.
         Travel safe. 
Rhonda, I am glad to hear that you and your family are OK after the tornado.  And, I am praying for those that were not as fortunate.
Hope to see you this coming Sunday here in Cary, NC, at the Carolina Bluegrass Festival.

Barb W
Glad to know Charlene made it safely through the storm. My aunt and uncle, Susie and Steve, survived in the safety of an inside bathroom where the toilet was sucked dry. They live directly across from the dealership that was damaged so badly and you can see their house in the background on some of the news reports. They only had damage to trees amazingly. They were so lucky since they do not have a basement-the tornado was headed directly towards their house when they took cover.

My cousin works at the dealership but was not at work and everyone else had left for the day which is unusual. Miracles do happen.

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